Bank Verification Number (BVN) Registration still on

Bank Verification Number Registration Excesses –  With the increasing incidents of compromise on conventional security systems (password and PIN), there is a high demand for greater security for access to sensitive or personal information in the Banking System. In recent times, biometric technologies have been used to analyze human characteristics as an enhanced form of authentication for real-time security processes. 

So every one (account holder(s)) is advised to go to their various bank industry for the Bank Verification Number (BVN) Registration. The registration of BVN is still on.

Closing date for Bank Verification Number (BVN) Registration:

The CBN has concluded that the closing date for this excesses is on JUNE 30th 2015

How to Get Bank Verification Number Form:

Like I have said before, that when you go to your various bank institution, the customer in charge of Bank Verification Number (BVN) Registration will give u a form to fill. All you have to do is fill the form well and then re-submit to the worker that give you the form.

Then you wait for the BVN online registration to be carried out with you, before you go.

Advantages of Bank Verification Number Registration:

  1. BVN gives a unique identity that can be verified across the Nigerian Banking Industry (not peculiar to one Bank).
  2. Customers Bank Accounts are protected from unauthorized access.
  3. It will address issues of identity theft, thus reduce exposure to fraud.
  4. The BVN will enhance the Banking Industry chances of being able to fish out blacklisted customers.
  5. Reduce queue in Banking Halls.
  6. Standardized efficiency of Banking operations.
  7. The Customers unique BVN is accepted as a means of identification across ALL Nigerian Banks.



2 responses to “Bank Verification Number (BVN) Registration still on”

  1. Emmanuel

    How long does it take to get BVN from the day of registration

  2. Abel Mgboshi Nwangbo

    Can I Curieaty My Name In My Bvn Register

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