Banking Jobs: How To Become A Bank Teller

Banking Jobs: How To Become A Bank TellerWho is a bank teller? A bank teller is a bank employee who is charged with many day to day activities in the bank. They are mostly the first persons you see when you enter a banking hall. Bank tellers assist customers with their basic financial needs. They help customers to deposit and withdraw money, cash checks, and process loan payments. Furthermore, they check the validity of signatures and amounts on checks, as well as verify account solvency during withdrawals. The process on how to become a bank teller is not too cumbersome.

As well as knowing how to become a bank teller, it is needful to know that bank tellers record every transaction made during their shift, as well as count cash before the end of the day. Basic clerical tasks and ordering bank cards and checks for customers are also a common duty.

How To Become A Bank Teller

Banking Jobs: How To Become A Bank TellerTo become a bank teller, you need to possess some certain qualifications. The requirements include

  • Educational Qualification: The educational requirements will defer from bank to bank. However, the general observation indicates that the minimum requirements hover around National Diploma (ND), Higher National Diploma (HND) and on rare occasions, the National Certificate in Education (NCE).
  • Training requirements: The employed bank tellers are mostly expected to go teller certificate programs. Anyone with this qualification has added advantage of prospective competitors.
  • A bank teller must be ICT-inclined. Bank tellers make use of computers and other technological apparatus to perform their day to day jobs.
  • Other Requirements: Since bank tellers engage in face to face interaction with customers, having a good command of the English language is very necessary. Also, the extra ability to smile is very helpful. These would be ascertained during the interview section before employment.

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How To Become A Bank Teller

  • Visit the website or any branch of the bank you want to apply to.
  • Submit your CV and application
  • Within the a month or less you will be invited for an aptitude test
  • After passing the test you will be invited for interview
  • Once successful, you will be employed

Note: Most banks will announce application for employment of bank tellers. You need to be current and apply once they offer is made open. The onlinedailys team will help keep you updated on this and related job vacancies.

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