Barclays Online Banking Account Opening Sign Up Form

Are you are server with a small balance and you need a platform to earn at high rates return while saving?

Is that a Yes?

Then Barclays Online savings account is the right platform for you; it offers 1.60% APYs, no maintenance fees, no minimum deposit to open an account, and with competitive interest rate.

As regards online Savings account opening, Barclays is highly competitive; the best choice for many because their rates are among the best and highest nationwide.

It’s true that having that determination to save for the future could be hard especially when we have lots to do with money, plus the unexpected that occurs and requires money to get it resolved.

But in a real sense that is where savings should come in. Because Savings account provides a safe and guaranteed way to put away the money you don’t want to spend for a period of time.

And there are good savings account online platforms that provide good tools, but MOSTLY good rate to grow your account as well.

This is where Barclays comes to play, you start earning from the day of your deposit.

Not all accounts offer a high rate or annual percentage yield (APY), but Barclays does!

Key Features of Barclays Online Savings banking Service

  1. Apart from that, be sure of 24/7 security, and access to your fund anytime, any day.
  2. No Monthly maintenance fees, no hidden fee either.
  3. There is no minimum balance to open an account.
  4. You have the ability to transfer to and from other banks anytime and any day.
  5. You can make a direct deposit into your Barclays account.
  6. Barclays have tools all ready to help you save more and enjoy your experience with them.
  7. You can only access your Online saving account via Online banking and mobile banking or over the phone.
  8. You also have access to Barclays’ Savings Assistant which can help you figure out how to accomplish your savings goals.

How Barclays Online Savings Account Works

Barclays has no branch offices in the USA, this is why you’ll have to have an account with another bank in order to open and transfer money into your Barclays online account.

Once you open an account, you can make deposits either online or on your mobile phone.

You can also set up direct deposits or mail in your deposits. That said, Barclays does not accept cash deposits or certain checks through the mail.

Barclays Online Banking Account Page

The Barclays Online Banking Account website is a simple platform to get you into your account faster than you ever think it.

The Barclays Online Banking Account page allows you to create your Barclay account as well login whenever you want to.

There is no extra charge when access your account via the internet, in fact, this is the fastest and cheapest way to the bank.

How to Create Online Barclays Account

The online account opening form is arranged into several levels of which you can fill to a certain point and decide to resume your application later. But it is better to start and finish it once and for all. The Barclays form should take about 2 minutes to complete.

Barclays Account Opening Site:

You can click here ( ) to land you straight to the main online account opening form. Or

  1. Visit the main website at
  2. then click on “Start Saving” (for Online Saving account).
  3. Then click on “Open an account” from the new page that opens after. Now it is on this page you will find the following levels of requirements to open Barclays Online Banking Account.

Level 1: Personal Account Information

The personal account information requires your full name, MI, suffix, social security number, date of birth, your country of citizenship, email address, and your primary phone number.

Still on the same level, you will fill up the Phone number consent – either to be receiving messages and calls from Barclays as regarding your account. Or to receive only calls.

Then complete your address location (including state, city, and zip code) and country of residency.

Select your occupation from the list. You have the option of selecting “Others/Not listed” if your occupation wasn’t listed.

Level 2: Account Information

This is the section you select the type of account you want to open. There are two options; A Single account and a Joint account.

A single account: This is a solely (personal) account that only you will have access and manage.

Joint Account; this is a type of account where more than one person manages the account; that includes withdrawal, signatory, etc. Everyone has an equal right on the account regardless of who deposited or funded the account. You and your partner will have to fill up another “Personal Account form” once it is a joint account.

Then input the amount you want to deposit once the account opening is completed. This is called “opening deposit”.

Level 3: Funding of the Account

In order to fund your new Barclays Online Banking Account, you’ll be required to proving your “Bank routing number, account number, account type, and account owner’s name.

Here Barclays Online Saving account works uniquely, Unlike Paypal that has to deduct from your account to verify your ownership of the bank card or account you’re linking to then, in Barclays it’s totally different; they carry out TWO test deposit of less than $1 into the (external) account you provide, then you will be updated by them when to Login to your Barclays online account and make a report of the test deposit made by them and after you have correctly confirmed, then your Barclays opening deposit will start to initialize to fund your Barclays online savings account.

Level 4: Creating Your Barclays Account Login Information

This is where you create your login user ID, password and to set up your security question and its answer.

Your Mother’s maiden name is also required on this section of Barclay online account opening form.

Make sure that the information provided here is always in your memory (never forget). Though you have the ability to change the password and the security question and answer whenever and however you desire.

Here you can as well select either to Barclays enroll in two-factor authentication. We advise you to take advantage of it to protect your account more.

Level 4: Accept Terms

This is more like the last level of this form. You have to check each of the boxes to accept the terms and conditions of the company.

To do this, click on the + icon to expand the information, then review and check the boxes. You may also decide that you want to printout those terms, of course, you can print it also.

Now you can check out your email for any further instructions to follow.

How to Login Barclays Online Banking

barclays login Online banking account image

When using the web (not an app), simply;

Download Barclay Online Savings Account Mobile App

You can manage your account from the mobile app; as one of the channel to access your account always.

Click on the links below to download the Barclays Mobile App that best suits your kind of phone OS.

Simply tap the Link (button) you need, and it’ll take you straight to the app in your app store;

What’s your thought?

Use the comment box below.


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