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Basic Requirements For Starting A Podcast

Basic Requirements For Starting A PodcastYou have always dreamt about starting your podcast, haven’t you? To run a successful podcasting, there are some basic requirements for starting a podcast. Why basic? These are the most important ones you will need to get you started. A lot of people want to get almost everything before they start. It doesn’t have to be that way.

The equipment for starting a podcast are many. However, there are the basic ones you will need as a starter. Rather than waiting,  you can use any of these basic requirements for starting a podcast we will list here. From here, you can then grow and acquire other equipment needed.

So, the requirements we are going to outline here is enough to get you started so you can be up and doing. Shall we?

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Basic Requirements For Starting A Podcast

Let’s see the podcast requirements for beginners. They include:


Podcast deals with audio more than anything else. And for that, you should be able to invest in a very good microphone that will enhance your voice. While your audience will be interested in the contents you deliver, if you lack a very good audio sound, they may not have to return again to you. So, get one.


Headphones are very important for podcasting. You need to be able to hear what you are saying as well as what your audience are saying. So, getting a very portable headphone will do no harm. Even if you find yourself in a bit noisy environment, a headphone will block your ear while keeping the noise far from you.

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Pop Filter (Not Compulsory)

Most times, your Bs and your Ps come with heavy sounds. Although, you can avoid this by speaking to the side of your mic, rather than directly into it. But, going forward, you will need to have this for the best experience for you and your audience.

Skype Account

If you plan to carry out interviews on your podcast, having a Skype account is the way to go. Skype account is free to create and has a very good audio system.

Podcast Hosting Account

There are many sites where you can host your podcast so people can access it at anytime and anyday.  Some of the best podcast hosting sites include Soundclound, Blubrry and Libsyn.

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Cover Art Design

Let’s be clear, this isn’t compulsory for a start. But, cast your mind to the podcasts you have listened to. I suppose virtually all of them have a cover art. This is the image that appears on the podcast channel while listening to it. Having it is very attractive to your audio.

So, here you have the basic requirements for starting a podcast. And like you have seen, you can choose the ones you can afford for a start while the others can come up later as you grow your business.

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