Baxi Mobile Download for Android & iOS | Learn How to Sign up Baxi Agent Acct

Baxi Mobile is one of the fastest-growing and reliable mobile wallets that allow register users to carry out financial transactions from their phone, for personal and as an agent. Just like other mobile apps, you can buy airtime, data, send and receive money, electricity bill, buy cinema tickets, link BVN, etc.

You don’t have to submit any banking documents to become a credible Baxi agent.

You’ll only be needing your phone number, profile your account (submitting your BVN), then fund your account with any amount to start using the app.

Baxi offers both M-POS and the POS terminal. You will be qualified to apply for any once there is an active transaction from your Baxi mobile app.

This page will guide you through the process to download Baxi app, registering a new account, funding your account, and profiling your account for account upgrade.

baxi mobile agent account

Baxi Mobile Download for Android & iOS

The Baxi app is available for only Android and iOS devices. You can download the app by going to your app store, search for “Baxi mobile”, tap on the download button to start the process.

Alternatively, use the Baxi Mobile download link for Android & iOS to get your Baxi app install onto your phone.

Please note that you will be redirected into the various app store of your device -depending on the link you select.

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How to Sign up as a Baxi Agent

1. Launch App After Download.

Tap on the app icon to open/launch the app. You can always open the app from the App store area or go to your phone App list to do the same.

You might be requested to turn-on your app location to enable the app provide you a better experience.

2. Register As A New Member

Tap on the “Sign up” button, you should see two options to start your Baxi Agent account registration. To either register with BVN or to register without BVN.

Registering with your BVN will automatically pull out every of your information and you won’t have to fill out those details (like your name, phone number etc.) Also, your Baxi account will automatically be upgraded to the final level of the Baxi account, simply because you have completed the KYC process.

On the other hand, where you decide NOT to register with your BVN, you will have the registration filled, once completed, you’ll start with a little transaction for your account to gradually be upgraded but still gets to a point where you MUST provide your BVN to get to the last stage.

You don’t need to be scared of providing your BVN on Baxi platform because they are geneiun and following the CBN regulations. Therefore, if you have your BVN then tap the “Register with BVN” to kick off with the registration and complete it once and for all.

But for this tutorial, we’ll have selected “Register without BVN” since there are more to still do later.

3. Start Filling the Baxi form with your Details

The Baxi agent registration form is divided into 2-parts; your personal information and contact information.

Your personal details part of the form requires; your Full name, email address, phone number, gender, username, a password for access your account.

While the contact information part of the form requires your; house address, state, local government area, and a referral partner ID.

Please, kindly enter the following code “00047078” in the referral partner ID form.

Baxi will reward you and Us with a little token – for referring you. So don’t leave it blank, lets both benefit.

make sure your information is correct before proceeding to click the “Sign up” button below the form.

4. Agree to the Terms

You have to scroll to the end of the terms and condition for the “I Agree” button to become active.

5. Verify your Phone Number

Baxi will be sending a verification code via SMS, to verify your phone number.

6. Re-Login to Your New Baxi Account

Congratulations! – that is what you should see next on the screen and a login button to tap and re-login with your username and password.

7. Create a Transaction PIN

Create your 4-digit PIN and confirm that is correct, submit. The 4-digit PIN is the PIN you’ll be using to authenticate or approve any transaction before it is submitted.

Profiling Your Baxi Agent Account

At this point, you should be on your Baxi account. Next will be to submit your BVN.

Check carefully you will see a notification telling you that:

You are not eligible for a quick Post-Paid Service because you have not profiled your BVN…>>and a link to submit your bvn<<

  1. Tap on the “Submit bvn”,
  2. take a quick picture of yourself or upload from your phone gallery,
  3. enter your BVN in the box provided,
  4. then tap “Submit”.

Funding Your Baxi Agent Account

When you login to your account, From the home page of your account;

  1. tap on the “FUND ACCOUNT”,
  2. select the best method to fund your Baxi account.
    There are TWO methods to fund your account; DIRECT DEPOSIT and DIRECT DEBIT.

    The direct deposit allows you to copy an account number, account name and bank which you will be depositing or transferring money into.

    While the direct debit allows you to be debited through your ATM card.

How to Login Baxi Agent App Account

Your Username and password will be needed to access your Baxi account dashboard.

Simply launch the app and tap on Login, enter the required information and tap the Sign-in button.


Now you can start transacting to earn more cash and points.

Use the comment box below to ask your questions. We’re here to answer immediately.

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