How To Become Interswitch Agent - Quickteller Agent Registration Requirements

How To Become Interswitch Agent – Quickteller Agent Registration Requirements

What you are about to read here is How To Become Interswitch Agent. We will also show you all you need to know about Quickteller Agent Registration Requirements.

From the title, you will see two different names: Interswitch and Quickteller. You are reading the right thing. The Quickteller Paypoint is the trade name for IFIS (Interswitch financial inclusion services). So, in essence, if you are looking for how to become Interswitch agent or how to become a Quickteller paypoint agent, you are seeking for the same thing. Hope that is cleared?

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So, who is an interswitch agent?  It is any person, corporate or institution appointed by IFIS to provide Agency Banking & Financial Inclusion services on its behalf. Examples of potential agents are:

Individuals – unregistered MSMEs

Registered SMEs e.g. Salons, HoReCas, chemist shops, grocery stores, etc.

Corporates & Retail Chains e.g. filling stations, MFBs, MDAs, eateries, pharmacies, etc.

Any adult citizen carrying out legitimate small business can be an agent, once he/she meets the minimum requirements.

Quickteller Agent Registration Requirements

Let’s start by highlighting the requirements for becoming an interswitch webpay agent. They include the following:

>• Get identified as an agent potential or contact us to indicate interest
>• Have a valid business location that’s visible or has current patronage footfall (rented or owned)
>• Provide personal and business data and fill out our agent registration and contract form
>• Provide copies of both proof of ID and location documents (hard copy and scanned)
>• Pay (to an IFIS-designated bank account) the initial capital with which you will fund your trading account
>• Get trained, run test transactions and complete the setup (get your location merchandised).

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How To Become Interswitch Agent

So, how can you become a quickteller paypoint agent?

  1. Visit the Quickteller agent registration form.
  2. Fill the application form.
  3. Once your detailes are correctly filled, then click on “submit”.
  4. Your application will be reviewed. Once it is accepted, you will be contacted for the next stage.

Benefits Of Interswitch Agents

What does an agent of Interswitch stand to gain?

Platform & Content

  • Huge content from QT and other ISW products
  • Over 5,000 billers & merchants
  • Innovator and industry enabler

Marketing & Branding

  • Comprehensive, all-year round and targeted marketing communications support
  • Improved brand association

Coordinated Support Structure

  • FIPs & TPs
  • Back Office
  • BSPs
  • Call Centre
  • Report Portal
  • Monitoring app
  • CUG

Effective Agent Training

  • Onsite Training
  • Weekly Visitation
  • Monthly Training
  • Quarterly Forum

Guaranteed Successful Entrepreneurs

  • More commissions and incentives
  • More services
  • It pays more to be IFIS agent
  • More support

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Other requirements

1)Must be able to read and write
2)    Must have a functional android enabled mobile phone
3)    Must have an existing physical shop/business outlet
4)    A completed Agent application form/agreement and account package
5)    A copy of ID or equivalent (Driver’s license, National ID card, Int’l passport)
6)    A Passport-sized photograph
7)    Proof of Address (Utility bills e.g. PHCN, LAWMA, DStv, GOtv, StarTimes, etc.)
8)    Financial/Bank account detail or statements
9)    Items 1-8 above are required to be a Classic or Standard IFIS Agent. However, business registration documents are required to be a Prestige IFIS Agent.

Interswitch Agent Registration Process

Here is how you application process will go from the beginning till when you start full operations.

  1. Agent completes and submits IFIS Agent Registration Form/Agreement
  2. Agent makes provision for the minimum Agent Start-up Capital (N10,000). -Agent funds IFIS operational bank account with the Agent’s minimum start-up capital by either cash deposit or funds transfer for onward credit to Agent’s IFIS account
  3. The location and human resource for the agent service are inspected and certified by an IFIS Business support partner (BSP)
  4. The IFIS agent account is activated and agent receives login details and a credit alert to the tune of the Agent’s deposited start-up capital
  5. Agent undergoes IFIS Agent Banking training and receives the following setup kits
    1. IFIS Certificate of Completion
    2. IFIS ID for identification
    3. Transaction Log Book/Register
    4. An Agent code
    5. Branding materials
    6. Tariff Sheet
  6. Agent commences full operations.

Any question on How To Become Interswitch Agent or Quickteller Agent Registration Requirements? Then, talk to use below using the comment box.


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