How to Become A Kudi Agent without a POS Terminal

It may be surprising to know that is is 100% possible to start as a Kudi Agent without a POS Terminal. There’s high competition among all Mobile banking companies which are resulting in a massive update.

Now prospective agents should have thousands of Mobile banking companies options to select from.

For instant OPay recently updated by adding other services including Utility Bill payments across all the Nigeria States, and more. Learn More about OPay Agent here.

We are to talk about Kudi agent service on this page and to show you how to instantly start your Mobile banking Agent business with Kudi, without a POS Terminal.

This means you need just your Android or iOS phone to start the business in your location.

Kudi has been smart and competitive since they started, providing all services like payment of bills, cinema, hotel booking, buying of recharge cards and date, and more.

Not only that, they always update their agents when there are network issues with some respective banks so that you won’t have to wast your time trying in vain.

Their customer service is 100% responsive (unlike Payvice (Itex) especially). In fact, Kudi should be the #1 option for anyone starting or considering to include other Mobile Banking companies to their already existing once.

What you need to become a Kudi Agent

You can start and effectively service your customers without a POS terminal nor the mPOS either. Just your Phone and the Kudi App and you’re good to go.

Let me show your how.

How to Become A Kudi Agent without a POS Terminal

Just recently, Kudi released an update that shocked us, the Team, that agents can now initiate both a withdrawal, transfer, and deposit transactions without buying a single POS nor the mPOS either.

Already we know well that is mostly the withdrawal that needs the POS to transact with because you need the customers’ ATM card to be able to debit from their account – while you (agent) give them the cash equivalent.

But the game has changed and this is how it works now;

Step 1: Make sure your Kudi Agent App is up-to-date or >>click here<< to download/Update now

Step 2: Launch the app and tap on the “Withdrawal Money”, which also means Purchase in some POS.


Step 3: Then tap/select “USSD Withdrawal”


Step 4: Tap “Select Provider”, which also means you should select the customer’s Bank.


Step 5: Then enter the customer’s phone number. For example, 08012345678.


But please note that the customer MUST give you the phone number that his/her registered with the selected Bank (or to receive alert).

Then tap “Continue”.

Step 6: Now enter amount the Customer wants to withdarw from you. The minimum amount you can withdraw with Kudi Agent USSD withdraw code is N500.

Then tap the “Forward Arrow” to continue.


Please remember to request for your charges from the customer, to know if you will include it to the amount he/she is withdrawing or will give you cash after the transaction is complete. Because some customer prefers you take your charges from their account.

Step 7: Now Kudi will automatically generate a withdrawal USSD code which you will instruct your customer to dial on his phone number in order to complete this transaction.


The transaction goes immediately your customer dials the Kudi USSD withdraw code.

Without further ado, You (the agent) can “check status” by clicking on the button provided below the withdrawal ussd code.


At this point, you will see that the Kudi USSD withdrawal transaction is successful and you can tap the “Print Receipt” to give your customer a copy.

Please note that you need to buy an external mobile POS printer. and pair with your Phone to enable you print with it.

What you should know about the Kudi Agent USSD Withdraw code

  • The Withdrawal code generated expires in 5mins. If any delay in dialling the generated code, You (the agent) will have to start the transaction afresh to generated a new withdrawal code.
  • Different codes are generated at all time you are making a fresh withdrawal transaction. This means that even if the same customer comes again (with the same bank, phone number, and to withdraw the same amount) the generated code can never be the same.
  • There is no similar withdrawal code assign for a specific amount. Codes are randomly generated by Kudi system, irrespective of the amount.
  • There is also no similar withdrawal code assign for a specific Bank. Codes are randomly generated by Kudi system, irrespective of the bank.
  • The customer doesn’t need data to use the USSD Kudi withdrawal code.

What are your thought?

Use the comment box below to join the discussion. Also if you have any question or other information related to Mobile Banking Agent Business you would like us to talk about please share in the comment box.


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