Best Android Podcast Apps For 2019 – Free & Paid Versions

Best Android Podcast Apps – One of the best things around our world today are podcasts. For many, podcasts are way better than videos because of the numerous benefits it comes with. For starters, while watching videos, you may have to suspend everything else you are doing so as to focus your attention on the video. But, with podcasts, you don’t have to do that. You can be doing whatever you choose to do while enjoying your podcast streaming.

These best android podcast apps for 2019 do not just play back your podcasts. They do more than that. The offer you immediate download of the newest and latest podcasts episodes. Also, you can use any of these apps to record your podcasts and share to your audience as well. Furthermore, they help you manage some variety of audio tools.

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In fact, if you really want to JUST listen to podcasts, these are one of the bests. But, if you want to still do more, you can’t do any wrong with any of these apps we have listed here. As a result, we want to show you the best podcast apps for android phones today.

Best Android Podcast Apps For 2019

Below are some of the best and most reliable podcast apps for android phones.

1. Google Podcast

Google is getting into the podcast game, with its very own podcasting app. Google Podcasts is a must-have if you own a Google Home speaker along with your Android device. You’ll be able to start a podcast on your phone during your commute and pick up where you left off when you get home by picking up the podcast on your smart speaker. Other features include the ability to adjust playback speed, Google Assistant integration and adding podcasts to the app directly from Google searches. Google also promises AI-powered capabilities in the future, such as automatic closed captioning.

2. CastBox

Castbox is one of a few free podcast apps. It boasts a collection of over one million podcasts scrubbed from places like iTunes and others. The app also includes support for 70 languages, language learning podcasts, Chromecast support, Amazon Echo support, and more. It also includes cloud syncing for multiple device support. The free version comes with everything and has no ads. The in-app purchases are basically optional.

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3. SoundClound

SoundCloud has become quite the podcast app over the past few years, and many content creators now choose to upload their podcasts directly to SoundCloud in addition to other platforms. The main downside is that it will take some time for you to find all the podcasts you want to listen to, but once you do, everything will work nicely and smoothly. The app features a handsome interface, too, and allows you to designate “favorite” tracks you’d like to listen to at a later time.

4. Spotify

Spotify might not be the first thing that comes to mind when somebody mentions podcasts, but the streaming media juggernaut also includes support for audio and video podcasts, along with a nifty Spoken Word section in the app. Podcasts are organized in a variety of categories, such as Storytellers, Sports & Recreation, and Comedy, and users can subscribe to individual podcasts, manage downloads, and share podcasts through social media. Playback and management options are sparse compared to other apps, but if you’re already using Spotify for your streaming music and don’t want to dig around for a dedicated podcatcher, then give it a shot.

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5. Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict has a pretty nice feature set, especially for a free app. It offers support for Sonos speakers, so if you like to listen to podcasts around the house, this may be the perfect app for you. Video podcasts are also supported on Podcast Addict. The app also features variable playback speed, skip silence options, Chromecast support, and SONOS support. The app is free but it also has advertising. There is an optional $2.99 pro version in the Google Play Store if you want to remove the ads.


You can download any of these best android podcast apps from your Google playstore. All you need to do is to type in their name and download them. We are open to questions, as many as you would love to ask.

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