Best Anti-Virus Apps To Download For Android Phones

Virtually everyone uses Android phone these days. These Android facilities often perform many functions for the owner. Many also use their phones to store valuable information. It is common sense therefore for the phone to be secured from virus invasion. Then you may ask, “What are the Best Anti-Virus Apps To Download For Android Phones?“. You are in the right place.

As pointed out above, you need to know the Best Anti-Virus Apps To Download For Android Phones. There are certain anti-virus apps that end up becoming viruses and as such, contaminate and corrupt your files. After a careful research, we bring to you the Best Anti-Virus Apps To Download For Android Phones. We do not intend to say that the ones i will show you below are the best, rather, we know they are others out there. But these ones here are among the very best you can find out there.

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Best Anti-Virus Apps To Download For Android Phones

  1. Kaspersky Internet Security For Android: A powerhouse in PC security. It has a free version and a paid version with more features. The app has terrific anti-theft functions and now supports Android Wear smartwatches. The list of features includes scanning (free) for malware and viruses while the paid version gets real-time protection, anti-phishing, cloud protection, and anti-theft, as well as smaller features like sounding an alarm to help find your lost device.
  2. 360 Security Anti-virus Boost: The 360 Security anti-virus boost is one of the most effective and popular antivirus Android apps available right now. It performs much functions such as the ability to scan your device files for malware, scan your apps and games, enable real-time protection, and even comes with an anti-theft feature. Perhaps the most useful feature for this one is an app lock that lets you password-protect any app on your device which is great for keeping nosy people away.
  3. CM Security: This is another wonderful multi-functional anti-virus. Its range of functions include: anti-virus functions, browsing protection, battery saving, privacy protection of apps etc. It takes pretty much the same simplified approach to each of those things too. CM security identifies what it describes as threats and then asks what you want to do about them in a straightforward way. It is FOC: Free of Charge!
  4. Avast Mobile Security: The features include the usual device scanning, app scanning, and real-time protection but also includes consistent antivirus database updates, anti-theft features, and the ability to remote lock your device in case you lose it. AVAST is definitely one of the heavier antivirus Android apps that we’ve found and it comes with a metric ton of features that creates a pretty sturdy experience.
  5. BitDefender Mobile Security: Bitdefender’s Android security app offers flawless malware protection, minimal performance impact and robust privacy-protection tools while incorporating Android Wear watches into the app’s anti-theft features. However, there are no scheduled malware scans, and there’s no freemium option. (The separate Bitdefender Antivirus Free for Android only scans for malware.) But at $15 per year per device, Bitdefender Mobile Security is well worth the expense.
  6. AVG Anti-virus Security: The functions of AVG includes: it provides app locking, anti-theft, task killer and app backup features. And it does it all in a well-designed interface. There are also a few battery-saving options on board, and the ability to dig down into your battery data to find out what’s been draining it. On top of that, there is a task killer, anti-theft features, remote device data wiping, and you can monitor things like battery, storage, and data usage. The interface on this one is actually pretty good comparatively speaking and the paid subscribers can also get app locking, call and message blocking, and more.

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Now you have seen the best anti-virus available, you can make a choice. You have to protect your phone against virus corruption. Most likely, there are other anti-virus app you feel we omitted? Tell us below, using the comment box. thank you.

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