Best Cryptocurrency Airdrop Alert Website | How to Apply Free Hot Airdrop

Don’t get confused when you hear terms as you may have known that every field has its terminology (you can check around for a related article on this page to see the full list of Crypto terms). In the world of Crypto, the term “Airdrop” simply means an event where “free coins” (tokens) or coins purchased during a pre-sale are “dropped” in existing wallets. This distribution must occur when new cryptocurrency is launched.

To break it further, cryptocurrency decides to distribute tokens to registered users for any reason like;

1. After the creation of a new token which results in existing coin holders getting “free coins,” but where the platform being used requires the distribution of tokens.

2. Sometimes tokens are also given to users for sticking with the cryptocurrency or as an incentive to get people to hold the cryptocurrency or a related token

3. After an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) goes live and the smart contract for the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) sends new tokens to the existing addresses of users who participated in the pre-sale.

Cryptocurrency Airdrop Alert Website

You should understand that every coin and token gaining ground today airdrop their project and people freely adopted the coins/tokens, and today is where it has landed. The biggest coin in the world today “Bitcoin” also airdropped during her lunch.

How to Identify Best Cryptocurrency Airdrop Alert Website

Identifying good airdrop sites may look hard in the first search because no one whats to be spammed and all that. But that isn’t the major thing to consider since it is also important to remember that you may go on and on spending your whole time filling forms and at the end of it all the so-called won’t credit you the promised amount of coins or tokens as agreed.

This is the man reason we took our time to list out below where you should get a fresh alert on any new cryptocurrency project involved in airdrop.


What are the requirements to get free Coins and Tokens?

You will be needing the following in order to successfully and fully participate in the airdrop program:

  • have an account with Telegram, twitter, reddit and facebook. Sometimes, Youtube, Slack, Discord, Linkedin
  • you are expected to of cause have a registered email address
  • need a working phone number
  • need your wallet account. I advice you go with “Trust waller App, Ledger Wallet Nano S or Trezor.” as it is better of for airdrop programs.
  • on rare occasions, some platform may further want you to present an ID, Utility bill identification, Natation ID, etc.


How to Get Free Crypto Coins and Tokens Online

Seamlessly, you get coins and tokens, eventually, the future of that coins becomes bright, no one collected from you again, it becomes yours as long as you want to hold it. And you can well trade and sell it via local currency or using other coin platforms that accept the exchange. But the question should have come this way; “what is your job to get free coins”,  is in it?

After you have identified and which airdrop program to work with, you are convinced about their project, now you will be required to;

1. Sign Up with an Airdrop

During the registration, your name, email address, a phone number is needed. And to complete your registration, some go further sending email verification (to make sure your email is correct) which you need to click on the link to complete your registration.

At this point where you completing a registration and confirming the account, you may have completed the required step to get the promised coins or tokens as agreed.

2. Setup Your Account

Once you have verified the account and log in again, setting up your account comes next. This means providing your Wallet account address (if not required during the registration), then providing your social accounts (connecting them) which I just listed above.

There are some airdrops that request

3. Start sharing your Link for Extra Bonus Tokens

Follow the steps those companies made available on their page to earn extra tokens. Most times they need you to follow their social media pages, share your referrer links and retwitte information.


List of Best Cryptocurrency Airdrop Alert Website


I recommend because information on the page won’t divide your attention. All you got to do when you visit the site is subscribe to their Cryptocurrency Airdrop Alert and select which airdrop to signup with.

The page also provides full information (you need to know) about the Name of Company, Currency, Amount of Free Tokens/coins expected to receive, Potential value, Added date, airdrop Ending date Registration type and the official Airdrop Link.


Airdropalert is another great site simply focus on announcing and listing available good airdrops. Besides you can also Subscribe to get emails about regular & exclusive crypto airdrops right in your email address.


Currently new airdrops require retweets on Twitter, usually, you need a minimum amount of followers. Make sure you have active social media accounts to be eligible for these free crypto tokens.

General Rules To avoid scams

  1. Never give your private keys.
  2. Use 2 Factor Authentication on your wallets.
  3. Be careful downloading wallets of a smaller project, possibly use a Virtual machine.
  4. Never click on links redirecting to wallets.
  5. Don’t use your main email address to apply for airdrops.
  6. Don’t re-use your passwords when you register on a website.
  7. Don’t send small amounts of crypto to receive your airdrop.


This page will be regularly updated once I get good Cryptocurrency Airdrop Alert Website to recommend.

Feel free using the comment box below if you have any question or contribution.



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