Best Dropshipping Products Import Tools for WordPress – Manage Orders, Prices & Tracking

I believe that for anyone to get to the point of researching on best dropshipping product import tools for WordPress then you should have understood what DropShipping is all about. Nowadays those who don’t want to use Shopify for eCommerce prefer using WordPress which is the second platform that offers the same services as Shopify with the support of WooCommerce Plugin – turning websites into an eCommerce store.

Obelo has been the No.1 trusted platform for important and completing orders (dropshipping), now everyone using WordPress also wants the same tools that work perfectly well as Oberlo. And that is the reason this article is created, to enlighten you and put you on the right track.

We have about Top Dropshipping Products Import Tools you can use for WordPress and still give you better results than you ever imagined.


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Dropshipping Tools/Plugins for WordPress Woo-Commerce Store We have reviewed here include;

  • WooDropship
  • Ezusy
  • AliDropship


Let get started with this…

Here Are List Of Best Dropshipping Products Import Tools for WordPress That Pros Are Using


  • WooDropship

WooDropship page is on our first list not because it’s the best, but its popularly used than others. It allows you to easily add products from AliExpress to WooCommerce Store, automatically fulfil orders by directly shipping to your customers with just a click of your approval.

Once there is a change in Your products prices and inventory will also be up-to-date.

And good of all is that you do not have the chance to lose any customer from anywhere around the world as WooDropship supports over 130+ store currencies, including Bitcoin, Wow!

The pricing is not that bad but it’s a monthly bill to be paying if you want to continue using it. Although there is 7days free trial package to signup and use the WooDropship to confirm their services.

WooDropship pricing

Having used them for a while now, the interface (dashboard) is user-friendly and easy to understand. One of the features I love most is the Easy Product Customization, Track AliExpress orders with our in-app order tracking system and Automatically Notify Customers features.

This means when you import products from AliExpress you have to customize to your personal standard so that your customers don’t even know where the products are pulled from. Aside from that, for SEO purpose, you have the ability to change the descriptions and prices of the products, etc.

Tracking is also one of the important features needed here, to keep your customers updated when their products arrive at them. To get started visit and click the “Get Started For Free”.


  • Ezusy

Ezusy home page is another simple but great tool to help you have achieve all that Oberlo tool does on Now, ask me why have I said so? Because has the ability to import products (just the way it is) from AliExpress and Amazon to your WordPress WooCommerce store. It has FOUR different User level, this includes; Free Version, Basic Version, Professional Version, Unlimited Version.

Well, as for pricing, its cheaper than WooDropship, but they offer the same services, just that WooDropship is more popular than Ezusy.

ezusy pricing page

Official pricing page;

Ezusy also offers free account opening to try their services and see if it fits what you want and how you want it.


  • AliDropship

AliDropship page

AliDropship is another WordPress Plugin that offers a complete set of features for the easy start and successful running of your dropshipping business on your WordPress e-commerce store. It keeps your product info fresh with the latest data from AliExpress. I have known so many pros using this tools for importation and managing their dropshiping store.

Apart from buying this plugin, if you need personal customization for your store  – you also have the opportunity connecting them to it. They have lots of samples of customizations done and delivered to orders when you visit the site you can see that.

AliDropship pricing

Official page

One thing that may want you to go with AliDropship tool is that its a one-time payment. And the pricing is quite affordable for anyone starting the business for the first. But remember it still offer the same services like others; you can track orders, import products, customize your price,  an all-in-one actionable dashboard that gives you live statistics of your sales, orders, traffic and activities helps you make the right choices for your business, etc (get the full details of the features here; Not forgetting to add the ePacket shipping option to offer your customers a fast and free delivery service. But also not limited to this features mentioned here.

Just few, but sensible addon that will make your business outstanding and customers will be happy with you. In fact, AliDropship is a fantastic plugin that will not just get your website up and running, but make it flourish. Easy to install, easy to use.


  • DropSHIX

dropshix page is another wonderful WordPress plugin that does exactly how you want to enjoy your dropshipping business to flow. This is the first plugin that is free to use (but can upgrade to unlock more features) and that will not just import Aliexpress or Amazon products to your WooCommerce store but also monitors, analyzes, and assists you in growing your business.

Well, I have really not used Dropshix importing plugin, but one thing is sure, that during my research, finding new tool for WordPress eCommerce store I got this but no one has given any complain using DROPSHIX. Remember its free!

DROPSHIX Plugin is free for life. You can scale up your business with ease. But to use more of its features, you can decide to upgrade to a paid package which provides you with more awesome features.

DropShix pricing

Official Pricing page;


The pricing is also affordable and its a monthly payment (not one-time-offer). You can also give a try if in case you have used orders are still not satisfy of you may want to use Dropshix because it only not importing from AliExpress but also has the ability to importing from Amazon shopping site to WordPress Woo-Commerce website.



All of this Dropshipping Products Import Tools for WordPress works perfectly well, everything depends on your understanding and knowing what you want. But if you are already familiar with all of this and how it works, just want to know which one gives you what you need,  if you have the money and fully ready then you can go for WooDropship, not because it the best among all, but because many people are currently using it without complains.

Ezusy will also be a nice choice to use if you are looking to spend less money and still get the same services like WooDropship and Oberlo.

If you are thinking of going for a one-time-payment yet with great features in it, then you can try using AliDropship, it also has so many customized themes you can use to build your e-store into a professional platform.

Like I said before all this platform is so wonderful, it just depends on the way you understand things and what you want to achieve from your online Dropshipping business. But if you have tried all this and still searching for the latest one then you can go for DropShix dropshiping tool.


Please note; this is from my personal experience on tools I already used, so you are also very free to share your thoughts on this dropshipping tools I have shared, or if you have others tools yo feel is better than the FOUR listed on this page – Please share through the comment box below.

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