8 Best Free AI Writing Assistant Tools

It shouldn’t be new to know that writing convincingly is one of the major keys to succeeding in the digital marketing space as an affiliate marketer, content creator, or if your duty in the office or business has to do with writing. How you craft your writing determines the response/feedback you get.

Think about this;
What if you had the chance of knowing what exactly your potential targeted audience wants to ask or searching for, it will be amazing, right?
You’ll be giving them just the right words, concentrate on content around those immediate concerns of your potential audience.

And what if I tell that these AI writing tool does even far more than that, it goes on to generate trending topics, optimise the content for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization), and generates more content.

And the insane experience is that it sounds so natural for the readers to connect to you (though generated Copywrite).

What area of content writing do you want the AI writing tool to create for you?

The AI writing tools assure you, that it doesn’t matter whether you want to generate content on an interview question, YouTube descriptions, Profile Bio, email writing, Facebook ad copy, landing-page post, Instagram post, etc…

AI writing is literally used for anything.

You have the option to select languages and tone of the text, including other available options to make your generated content stand out.

With these best free AI writing assistant tools you can write seamlessly without any hassle.

The AI writing assistant tools help you create high-quality killer content, in just a few seconds, effortlessly.

These are professionally used copywriting tools designed to make content generations, creating or editing easier.

Who Can Use The AI Writing Assistant Tools?

Be rest assured of original and creative writing for your projects.

  • Blog Content Creators,
  • eCommerce Copywritters,
  • Social Media Content (like ad copies and post),
  • Affiliate marketers (for sales copy),
  • Website Copy ( like Hero Text, Slogan Generator, Meta Descriptions, Headlines, etc),
  • Generally for email and SMS marketing.

But funny enough that we do not use any of these “Free AI Writing Assistant Tools” in writing on this blog and other of our blogs. We prefer writing the in the matter we best understood the topics.

List of AI Writing Assistant Tools

  1. AnyWord.com

AnyWord Copywritre’s so naturally, providing you with the ability to manage a number of words; that is, you can have long, medium, and small Copywriting. The beauty of using AnyWord Ai copywriting tool is the opportunity it provides to rewrite, copy, share, and more. You can try AnyWord for 7days free for making payment.

The less pricing starts from $83/month (for annually), but goes higher if you’re sticking to Monthly billings – $99.

  1. Copy.ai

Copy.ai will be the first on this page I have reviewed that offers free AI Writing assistant tools, yet the Pro plan is still cheap and affordable. It starts from $35 monthly. Nothing too different from others other than the price and the forever free plan.

With a simple interface, just like AnyWord and Jasper AI Writing Assistant Tool, you can copy, save, and even re-generate more content to the amount of word count you desire.

The free plan and Pro plan start from $35 monthly.

  1. Jasper.ai

Jasper is another wonderful artificial intelligence (AI) copywriting tool that provides accurate information that suits the topic or question. You can quickly start creating original content for your blog, social media, website, and more.

Jasper has interesting features to get your content writing above the sky. With over 50 AI templates, supports over 20 languages – meaning you can write in different languages, provides chat support and more.

The price starts from $49 with 35,000 words to write monthly.

  1. Rytr.me

Rytr.me is another impressive AI Writing Assistant Tool I’ve come across. With highly competitive prices, though with few features yet not much difference with Copy.ai.

Rytr’s free plan is capable to generate up to 5,000 words monthly. That’s too small if you write for blogs. But guess what, even the paid version is way too affordable starting – from $9 per month. To be frank, Rytr offers one of the most cost-effective solutions in the market to give you complete value for money.

You can also compare it with others AI Writing Assistant Tools listed here and let’s get your reaction in the comment box below.

It offers a free plan. Paid plan starts from $9 monthly with 50,000 characters per month. But the Unlimited plan is $29/month – for UNLIMITED characters per month

  1. Copymatic.ai

No difference from others, Copymatic is also a great AI writing tool that automatically writes unique, engaging and high-quality. Checking the features and pricing when it’s not the best I’ve seen, though delivers a good job.

Copymatic includes Plagiarism checker and offers a plugin for WordPress CSM.

No free plan non-trial. The starting price is $19 monthly (if you’re paying yearly).

  1. GrowthBarseo.com

GrowthBar provides even more competitive pricing and features. It goes beyond just AI writing. With this AI writing assistant tool you can spy and track your competitors’ backlinks and keywords, including unlimited keyword research to enable you to get quick rankable titles and perfect competitive generated content for quick indexing and marketing.

No free plan but gives a 5days free trial. While pricing starts from $29/month.

  1. Writesonic.com

Writesonic is also any powerful AI writing tool that generates high-quality articles for your online marketing activities like blog posts, landing pages, Google ads, Facebook ads, emails, product descriptions, and more in seconds.

I personally prefer using Writesonic for ad copies because it provides varieties of killer-copywriting options to select from or use all. I also found something interesting about it; the SEMrush integration features – fetching data from SEMrush integration to enable your content to stand out.

The free trial provides all basic features, the pricing starts from $15 monthly

  1. ArticleForge.com

The first time I came across ArticleForge was on Google advertisement, going through it gives exciting features to make users not want to use other AI Writing Assistant Tools.

But there is a slight difference between ArticleForge and others like AnyWord and Jasper AI content generator, It automatically provides subtitles or subtopics and arranges the articles to suit SEO best. So you don’t have to start inputting subtitles and so on. It also allows you to select the range of words you want to generate, for example – 1000 words, 2000 words, etc.

Difference Between these AI Writing Assistant Tools and Grammarly

Grammarly is a great tool trusted by Millions, virtually every online marketer, student, and office uses it. But there is quite a difference between it and these listed AI writing tools, which is the reason it wasn’t mentioned in the list.

You may ask if Grammarly is artificial intelligence, YES, it is. But see the difference:

Some blogs also listed Grammarly and the rest of its likes. But I did not because Grammarly can only correct or/and rewrite already written words. Other features include –

Whereas, AnyWord.com, Copy.ai, Jasper.ai, Rytr.me, Copymatic.ai, GrowthBarseo.com, Writesonic.com, and ArticleForge.com are also AI writing assistants tool with differences. Built with the ability to generate content from scratch. You are only obligated to provide the title, keywords to use to optimize the article, category of the content, etc. then it goes on to generate content ranging from small to large contents

Let’s know in the comment box below, which other free AI writing assistant tools are you using?

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