Best Free Australian Business Directories Online

The importance of Business directories is often overlooked by many. Neglecting to enlist one’s business in local directories could cost a business beyond their imaginations. Your presence in the top online directories will help you to attract new customers, both directly and indirectly as an influential SEO ranking factor. We bring to you the best free Australian business directories where you can list your business and enjoy local SEO.

Having a consistent presence on the internet is one of the most important things you can do for your small business. It is not enough to be found. You need to present a professional online front for your business that is consistent, clear and helpful to your website visitors. Having clear Directory listings for a Small Business is one of the best ways you can tell Australian search users that you mean business.

A consistent presence across high ranking directory sites will:

  1. Improve brand awareness
  2. Boost search engine ranking
  3. Increase traffic to your website

Best Free Australian Business Directories Online

Below are some of the best free Australian business directories.

1. Yelp Australia

Yelp is a powerful online search directory for small business, trade services, and professional business online. The directory list listings are feature-rich, and Google has been known to use their customer reviews in its ranking algorithm. The directory listings include Google Map searches, direct website and telephone links.

2. Hot Frog Australia

Hotfrog Australia was one of the first Internet directory listings for Australian businesses that allow them to put in portfolios and additional content into each listing. It allowed rich media, a link to your website as well as the availability of products and services. Their listings also include product reviews.

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3. Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages is  Australia’s #1 marketing service company based on a full-service portal that includes not only small business listings, but reviews, analysis and various recommendations.

4. Ezilion

Ezilion has the power of a web directory and search engine. This combination allows for fast access to relevant information for customers and better SEO results for businesses.

5. Come on Aussie

Come on Aussie has been connecting businesses with consumers since 1995. The company also offers advice on cost-effective advertising and Internet consultancy services.

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6. Go Guide

Go Guide is a solid Australian site with plenty of features for small business. The site is clean and easy to navigate and their directory listings include a range of free and paid advertising options. Listings are Australia wide and cover a large number of industries including Automotive, Funeral Directors, Signwriters and more.

7. True Local

True local is great for cafes, restaurants, mechanics and trade services. They also cater for professional businesses in New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory, Canberra, South Australia, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania.

8. Local Business Guide

The local business guide is great for regional Australia and covers cities including Tamworth, Bendigo, Shepparton, Mackay, Toowoomba, Bundaberg, Launceston and other major cities. You can list your business for free and post product and service listings.

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9. Australian Planet

The Australian Planet resource allows businesses to post a free listing and advertisement. All you need is just to submit valid and detailed information about your business.

10. shopWhere

shopWhere is a platform for business advertising. The site offers 360-degree digital exposure, increased visibility, leveraging organic SEO and generating inbound inquiries for your business.

Ensure you list your business in these directories and you will see a huge turn around in traffic. Success.


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