Top 10 International Beauty Pageants In The World

There are lots of beauty pageants that exist in different countries of the world. If we were to list the beauty pageants from different countries, we wouldn’t be able. However, if you are into beauty pageantry, then, here is an opportunity to go global and international. We bring to you the Top 10 International Beauty Pageants In The World. And you know what, you can be a part of this from anywhere in the world.

This list of beauty pageants in the world, is bought to you to change your focus from being local to global. A lot of people limit themselves to local opportunities. But, this Top 10 International Beauty Pageants In The World will not just take you global, it will also open you to a lot of opportunities to advance your careers, dreams and to affect more lives positively.

Top 10 International Beauty Pageants In The World

So, lets get started with these beauty pageants you can’t afford to ignore. Before then, we will divide this list into two.

  1. Big Four International Beauty Pageants
  2. And the others.

Big Four International Beauty Pageants

The Big Four consists of the four major international beauty pageants for women – Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Earth. The group was first described by the China Daily newspaper in 2004 as “the world’s four major beauty contests”, and the Chosun Ilbo newspaper in 2010 described them as “the world’s top four beauty pageants.

1. Miss World


Miss World is the oldest running international beauty pageant. It was created in the United Kingdom by Eric Morley in 1951. Since his death in 2000, Morley’s widow, Julia Morley, has co-chaired the pageant. Along with Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Earth, this pageant is one of the Big Four international beauty pageants—the most coveted beauty titles when it comes to international pageant competitions.

2. Miss Universe


Miss Universe is an annual international beauty pageant that is run by the American-based Miss Universe Organization. It airs in more than 190 countries worldwide and seen by more than half a billion people annually. Along with Miss World, Miss International, and Miss Earth, Miss Universe is one of the Big Four international beauty pageants. The Miss Universe Organization and its brand, along with Miss USA and Miss Teen USA, are currently owned by WME/IMG talent agency. Founded in 1952.

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3. Miss Earth


Miss Earth is an annual international environmental-themed beauty pageant promoting environmental awareness. Along with Miss World, Miss Universe, and Miss International, this pageant is one of the Big Four international beauty pageants – the most coveted beauty titles when it comes to international pageant competitions. The reigning titleholders dedicate their year to promote specific projects and often address issues concerning the environment and other global issues through school tours, tree planting activities, street campaigns, coastal clean ups, speaking engagements, shopping mall tours, media guesting, environmental fairs, storytelling programs to children, eco-fashion shows, and other environmental activities. Founded 2001.

4. Miss Universe


Miss International (Miss International Beauty or The International Beauty Pageant) is a Tokyo-based international beauty pageant organized by The International Culture Association. The pageant was first held in 1960. Miss International is the fourth largest pageant in the world in terms of having crowned national winners to participate in the international contest.

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This is the Big Four of the Top 10 International Beauty Pageants In The World. let’s see the remaining top 6. Shall we?

5. Miss Grand International


Miss Grand International (MGI) has now become the world’s leading international beauty pageant. Under the corporation and sponsorship from governments and organizations that will make a stand for the betterment of humanity. As can be seen presently, wars exist on many layers, from full scale confrontations between nations, to violence in the home.

All of these wars must be eliminated if we are collectively to achieve true happiness.

In an age where we are capable of reaching out to touch the stars, but we have forgotten to reach out and touch the lives around us, it is time for us to look inwards and use our combined ingenuity to make the world a better place for all humanity.

6. Miss Supranational


Miss Supranational began in 2009 and first held at Poland. It had contestants from over 40 countries of the world. Currently, the participants are drawn from over 80 countries.

7. Miss Continental


The Miss Intercontinental is an ultimate show and icon of female beauty and success. The world has changed a lot in those over 40 year and Miss Intercontinental has mirrored those changes. Titleholders have gone on to high-profile careers in government, business, finance, film and fashion. These are women of power and grace, commitment and intelligence, style and substance.

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8. Miss Global


Miss Global is an annual global Beauty pageant for single women ages 18–35, the widest age range in pageantry. Contestants compete for the crown of Miss Global on an international platform. On November 17, 2017, Miss Global held its 5th anniversary pageant in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, which attracted more than 60 female contestants from 60 countries around the world.

9. Miss Model of the World


Miss Model of the World is an international model contest organized for the first time in IstanbulTurkey, in 1988 with 42 countries participating.

10. Miss Cosmopolitan World


Miss Cosmopolitan World is a beauty pageant held since 2015 headquartered in Malaysia, under the ownership of Amelia Liew. Amelia herself competed in the 2009 Miss Universe Malaysia contest and participated in a world-level contest, Miss Asia Pageant 2011 in Hong Kong

Here you have the Top 10 International Beauty Pageants In The World. Make use of this opportunity. Visit their sites and see what’s in it for you.

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