Best Link Shorteners Websites Free – How to Use Link Shortener

Link Shorteners websites simply help you shorten a long link into a costomised personalized way by Shortening the link. You and I need this Link Shortener websites, i mean whether you are webmaster or some one searching for information online. This is how it benefit each of us.

Optimize your links across every device and marketing channel, using any of the free Best Link Shorteners Websites platforms.
Sometimes you find out that the links of your article you have written is too long  – that isn’t the problem, but the issue is that you are presenting this link some where like facebook, googel+, etc then you may need the Link  Shorteners.

Here Are List Of Best Link Shorteners Websites Free

The first we have on our list is; Google Shortener

  • Google url Shortener –

Google link shortener is one of the most porpular free Online url shortener .

Google url Shortener

If you logon to, then you copy what ever long link/url that you want to shorten, paste it and prove you are not a robot, then click the “shorten Link“. You will find out at the other side of the page – the page of the link in questions and a customized and short URL or LINK, requesting you to copy and paste where ever you want to make use of it.

  • Bitly –

After Google link shortener, Bitly is another powerful place to get same quality of service as they are the top world’s leading link management platform any one can use for its business or social satisfaction.

You need to Sign up with Bitly url shortener account before you can start making use of their services. To create Bitly shortener account is free.

Bitly url shortener

Once you sign up for the account, free free free you can start using this Bitly url shortener platform for your business.

  • – link shortener link shortener will not be left aside as we go on listing the best Link Shorteners Websites and how to use them. Very simple and straight, you do not need signing up for an reason, all you are required is providing your original URL then click the link button “Shrink URL”

  • link shortener – is a very simple platform to shorten your web address. they have a very simple rules which you need to obey in order to enjoy their services. link shortener

During the process you are Shorten and personalizing long web addresses, if the link is spam – link shortener will automatically delete the link and will not proceed your request to shorten the link.

Do you have other better alternative link shortener websites? Share with the comment box below.

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