Best Online Learning Platforms – Top eLearning Platforms

Best Online Learning Platforms – Top eLearning Sites

A lot of people are seeking to know the best top eLearning Platforms in the world today. For many reasons, more persons are becoming interested in online learning. Therefore, the demand for the best online learning platforms are on the increase. It is understandable.

Nowadays, you can achieve almost everything online. You don’t need to leave your home to obtain degrees and certifications online. For convenience sake, online learning is taking over the traditional learning process.

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So, whether you want to advance your knowledge, advance your career, learn a new skill, etc, there isn’t any shortage of options. In fact, most persons are confused on which of the top eLearning Platforms to go for.

We have decided to bring to you these best online learning platforms. With these, your decision making will be streamlined.

Best Online Learning Platforms – Top eLearning Sites

Who is ready for this?



One of the topmost and most popular online learning site is Coursera.  Coursera has partnered with leading universities in the U.S. and around the world to provide online courses covering dozens of different subjects.

Recently, they’ve introduced “specializations”—10 different course pathways that will lead to an official certification from an associated university. Coursera has a wide diversity of subjects available to choose from; everything from data science to musical theory.

You can take almost every course on Coursera for free. The only difference is that you won’t be awarded a certificate. This comes with a price.

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Udemy still ranks high in the best online learning platforms in the world today. An average of 800 new courses added to their repertoire every month. It boasts over 15 million students, poring over more than 65,000 available courses.

Individuals are allowed to create their own courses fro free. However, the income is shared. Most times, Udemy takes as little as 3% of the owners earning. The rest is yours. The available courses ranges from business, relationship, office productivity, personal development, app creation etc. In fact, there is something for everyone.



Another of the best eLearning Patforms is the SkillShare. As the name goes, it is an online community for ‘creators’ and anyone who wants to teach can set up a class. Skillshare offers an online catalog of video-based courses, as well as in-person workshops in cities like San Francisco and New York.

The platform encourages ‘doing’ rather than learning passively, with every class including a practical project with feedback on completion. Like other platforms, Skillshare provides student reviews for your reference.

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Website: is a leading online learning platform that helps anyone learn business, software, technology and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goas. Through individual, corporate, academic and government subscriptions, members have access to video library of engaging, top-quality courses taught by recognized industry experts. With tutorials in five languages, is a global platform for success.



This is one of the platforms that focuses on technology. It operates with a small but well-crafted selection of courses. If you’re looking to break into data science, Udacity’s data science program has an impressive roster of teachers from companies like Salesforce and Facebook.

Over 160,000 students in more than 190 countries enrolled. Udacity’s pricing structure allows you to pay monthly for your courses; if you decide to drop a program before completing it, you pay for the course up to that point, rather than the whole thing.

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So, you have seen the Best Online Learning Platforms – Top eLearning Platforms. What questions do you have? How can we be of help?

Use the comment box below and we shall attend to you.

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