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Best Online Saving Platforms In Nigeria With High Interest Rates

Truth is, everyone wants to have money. Well, not just make money, but make huge money. No one ever runs away from a genuine opportunity to make money. You must have read it or heard it many times: one of the best ways of making huge financial advancement is through savings. As a result, I want to show you the best online saving platforms in Nigeria.

As you already know, savings could be done for many reasons. It could be done to raise money for future expenditure. It could also be for cases of emergency in the future. Furthermore, people save to invest.

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So, for whatever reason you want to save money, these best online saving platforms in Nigeria has got you covered. Saving in the bank is no such good idea these days. Rather than having an increment, the bank ends up deduction your money through many mischievous means.

But, with what I’m going to show you here, you won’t have to worry about that again. All you need to do is to read through all I have in stock for you here and you are good to go.

Best Online Saving Platforms In Nigeria With High Interest Rates

Here are some of the best platforms that grants you bigger interest rates than your everyday banks.  

1. SumoBank

SumoBank is an online savings platform that helps you save money automatically. The platform is targeted to Africans and pays 8-10% interest annually. With SumoBank, you also get access to various business leaders at discounted fees to help you grow and scale your business.

It also offers Free Online Business Academy for its users and African business forum to collaborate and work with like minds in building better and sustainable businesses. Even though you can use Sumo Bank to save for any reason (Business, travel, school, emergency funds, school fees, shopping, property, etc) it’s core value is tailored to helping young Africans save money over time and start their own business.

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2. Piggybank

Piggybank just like Sumobank is an online and mobile app savings platform poised to helped young Africans save money automatically. With PiggyBank, you enjoy flexibility savings which allows you to save daily, weekly or monthly. Users on Piggybank can save towards a specific target or choose to place a withdrawal restriction on the account. There’s is a limit to the amount of money that can be saved on one’s account at a time.

On the Piggybank platform, there is an allowance for 4 free-of-charge withdrawals annually which comes quarterly, (the last day of every quarter). You can as well choose your own free withdrawal dates and withdrawals outside these 4 days attracts a service charge of 5% withdrawal fee.

3. CowryWise

CowryWise is another saving and investment platform that pays higher interest rates. You can also access loans on the CowryWise platform. A high saving score increases the chances of getting a loan on CowryWise. The online savings platform pays 10-15% Interest annually and it’s paid on a daily basis to you account.

4. KoloPay

KoloPay is a mobile and web application that helps you save money little by little towards planned goals over a period of time. Our savings platform aims to help you save. It a product of MYKOLO-TECH INNOVATIONS LIMITED with RC 1421923 and is totally free i.e. no charges and no hidden charges. The KoloPay platform allows you to share your savings goal with anyone (friends and family) and lets them help contribute to the achievement of the set target. The KoloPay savings platform pays you 6% interest per annum.

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5. PayDay by ARM

Payday Investor is a simple and secure way to put money aside for the things you want. Make more profits on your investments over time. It allows you to create a savings goal and invests the fund on behalf of the savers in mutual funds account.

The online savings platform in Nigeria pays you 12.6% Interest rate. Minimum withdrawal is 1000 naira with a NEFT Withdrawal charges fee of ₦52.50. You will need a debit card to fund your PayDay account, Investors attracts a 1% convenience charge from the card payment platform provider. The charge is capped at a maximum of ₦1,500.

All questions, comments and contributions on the Best Online Saving Platforms In Nigeria? We are here for you. Use the comment box below.


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