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Best Online Video Calling App for PC, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows phones

Best Online Video Calling App gives you free video chat features that make it easy to connect with friends and family. It’s very easy and even free to call over the Web or using the Apps. Make Video calls between any two computers (works on Windows, Mac and Linux) and Mobile phones.  Right now there so many Online Video Calling App for PC, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows phones developed by different App developers. But on this blog we have listed out the best among them that you can use and enjoy your call all the way.

Best Online Video Calling App

Good features about this apps is that its has help to bridging the gape of distance between friends and families because it allows you to See and hear each other via your Mobile or computer. Never have you felt closer to someone through a video calling service.

All video calls are FREE – from or to anywhere in the world! All users enjoy unlimited free text and video messaging.

List of Best Online Video Calling App

  • SKYPE – www.skype.com

SKYPE remains the MUST popular Video Calling App for PC, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows phones. Its free and most people use it for small business, conference calling, sharing screens and files all of this for free. The good about SKYPE is that the video calling feature is as smooth as you will love to use it all the time.

SKYPE App is available for PC, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows phones. Some Nokia with front camera can also make use of all Online Video Calling App, to be able to see your partner(s) while calling them or calling you.

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  • imo – www.imo.im

IMO App remains my favourite because every with poor net works it works perfectly well. You will not have to feel that the net works is bad at all. Just like other video calling applications, you can NOT only make video calls with it, but also share files, locations and pics.

  • DUO – Google Video Calling App

One of the latest Video calling apps released by Google “DUO” its free and also available for app devices as long ad the application can access internet and has a front camera for the video calling. But recently I tried using it, and the application could not manage the poor network. Never mind my complains, cos we have also rated DUO as one of the best Online Video Calling App for PC, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows phones

  • Facebook Video Call App – Facebook.com

The facebook App is also good, this one with or without the app you can video call, as long as you are login to your fb.com account.


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Please note that “Video Calling App” are not limited to these ones listed above, just that this are most used Online Video Calling App for PC and Mobile. You can still try others. But this will serve you better.

Requirements to Start Video Calling With your Phone or PC

  • You need a Phone or PC
  • You need to register to create any account any of the video call App/site. Some of them requires email address and some requires your number number only for the registration
  • Need a data connection to access the internet
  • You need to Video Calling App and set it up


Features Video Calling App

  • Free Chatting and Video calling
  • You can share screen and files, other documents also
  • To download App is also free
  • Available for PC and Mobile phone
  • Through the App can use Mobile Phone to Video call a Computer, or Computer Video calling Mobile phones
  • Even with poor network  – you go on to Video Call
  • Can do conference calling. That is calling more that one person at the same time.



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