Best Study Abroad Agents In Nigeria

One of the greatest challenges in Nigeria is the challenge of quality education. As a result, many Nigerians do seek opportunities to study abroad. Annually, we have Nigerians moving to USA, UK, Ghana, South Africa, Canada etc to pursue their educations.

There are many educational consultancy agencies who specialise in helping Nigerians facilitate their study abroad ambitions. So, we want to bring to you the best study abroad agents in Nigeria.

The study abroad consultants play vital roles to those who seek international education opportunities. They provide basic guidelines, tutelage, pep talks, mentoring, priceless pieces of information and a dummy guide on how to set your foot in the door of foreign universities. They also help you choose the universities that suit your goals and finances. So, who are these Study Abroad Agents In Nigeria?

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We shall look at some names that have established trust and competence. If you wish to travel and study abroad, you could consult with any of them.

Disclaimer: Please note that we ( are not in any way related or affiliated with any of the listed “Study Abroad Agents in Nigeria”. The information on this page was only provided out of reviews and performances of these Agents. So you can as well not to work with anyone. But before working with any, make sure you’re fully clarify on how they operate.

Best Study Abroad Agents In Nigeria

Please note that we are following these in any other. So, let’s see the Study Abroad Agents In Nigeria.

1. Inspiring Career & Solutions


Inspiring Career and Solutions is an education consulting firm with the primal goal of sorting out topnotch study destinations for student clients and turning their dreams into reality.

They assist their clients in getting tuition free admissions abroad as well as quality education.

They also offer support to students in securing student visas in Australia, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

Their dedicated team of staffs are on a rolled up sleeves giving out their A games into ensuring clients get the best services. They have offices in the UK and in Nigeria.

2.  Elgold Educational Support Service LTD


Elgold educational support service is a member of the Elgold group that partner with Universities in Europe, USA, Canada, Asia, New Zealand, Ireland and Australia to offer undergraduate and post graduate admissions to students in Nigeria.

They have a British council certified agent and trained educational counselors offering professional advice which aids students in making informed decisions and saving them from lots of errors stemming from misguidance.

They provide assistance in Visa processing, flight bookings, English language classes and collaboration services to institutions.

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3. Bowell Educational Services


Bowell educational services offer consultancy in the educational sector that involves travelling to distant horizons for degree purposes by fueling the admission process of clients and assisting them with relevant information to their course of study and university selection. They also provide assistance in terms of flight bookings, visa processing and international entrance test.

4.  Excel Career Plus


Excel career plus is a study abroad agency based in Port Harcourt Nigeria. They assist candidates get the necessary qualifications to study abroad, offer Visa assistance, scholarship assistance, counseling, flight bookings, pre departure and post arrival services, registration for entrance and English tests, overseas work permits and other relevant offerings at their disposal.

5. Lekkiside Education Consultants


They have been awarded as the best education consultants in the country and overtime proven their mettle as one of the most successful international student recruitment agencies in Nigeria. This agency recruit students into foreign ivory towers.

And, provide well laid out tutoring and guidance in the most professional manner. They enroll students into universities in the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Middle east and European nations while providing visa assistance, immigration assistance, university selection and accommodation services.

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6.  Avail International Consult


Reputed to be Nigeria’s preeminent study abroad consultancy agency, Avail consult aids students in becoming undergraduates of foreign colleges by guiding them through the application process, helping them make right choices of school and courses and offering premium educational counseling to students. They aid admission into to colleges in the UK, US, Canada and Europe.

7. Bluedreams Travel & Tours


Bluedreams travel and tours is a travel and study abroad agency located in Lagos Nigeria. Since they function in a dual capacity of organizing travels and tours and also helping students get placement in foreign universities, you couldn’t have met a more capable agency. They help you gain admission abroad in countries like Poland, United Kingdom, United States and Australia. They also help in making your travelling free of stress and hassles by putting everything right in place for you up to post landing arrangements including accommodation, scholarship assistance, loan assistance and more.

8. Morgan Consultancy Services


Morgan consultancy is a specialist when it comes to processing admissions to Canada. They are very experienced in everything that has to do with studying abroad in Canada.

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9. Diptot International Consultancy


Diptot also offers unique educational consultancy service when it concerns studying abroad. Their charges are quite affordable and they can consult you on Ukraine, Canada, Russia etc. You can trust them to deliver on their promises.

10. Student Travel International


This agency specializes in processing admissions to international universities with ease. With their years of experience in educational consultancy, they have links and connections with top universities in UK, Canada, South Africa, Ireland, US, Malaysia, Dubai etc.

If you truly want to study abroad, don’t depend on luck. Visit any of these Study Abroad Agents In Nigeria and see your dreams come to reality.

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