Best Typing Software For Beginners You Must Have

Typing has come to become part of our daily lives. Be it in the school, in the church, office etc, more and more people are typing daily. This is not really  a problem.

But, what about if you are shown how to type faster using the best typing software for beginners?

Okay, i know you aren’t a beginner. But, what if these typing software could give you all what you need to make typing faster and enjoyable?

There are many best free typing software out there you can use. But that’s the problem.

How then can you choose the one that suits and meets your needs?

Do you have to keep testing all available typing software before you can arrive at the best one to use?

That would be so demanding. I’m not sure you could have such time. Few actually do.

Some, I’m going to show you some of the best typing software for beginners (even if you think you aren’t one), that you can use to enhance your typing speed and efficiency. You will just get jobs done easier and faster and have more resting time for yourself. Wouldn’t you love that? You sure would.

Best Typing Software For Beginners You Must Have

We will look at some Best Touch Typing Software to Teach Yourself to Type Faster. The ones we will list here are easier and very user friendly. They will enable you get your typing jobs done faster…like a pro. Say that again, LIKE A PRO.

1. Typing Master

Typing Master has been consistently among the best typing software for quite some time now and it remains to be the same. The software supports US, Europe, Canadian French, Canadian Multilingual, Danish, French and Belgian keyboard layouts.

The features of the application include different typing tests, custom reviews to fix specific difficulties, typing meter and fun typing games. It also lets you choose whether you want your speed to be displayed in words per minute (wpm) or keystrokes per minute (kpm). It is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista.

2. UltraKey 6 

UltraKey 6 shows you how to do absolutely everything when it comes to typing, making it perfect for someone who isn’t familiar with a keyboard at all. Lessons cover topics including correct posture, hand placement and individual finger training.

A lot of typing software for adults operates under the assumption that users already know typing basics.

This isn’t the case for UltraKey 6, which walks you through every step until you’re typing with speed and accuracy. It works on PCs and Macs.

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3. has gone through various name changes but it no-doubt remains the Best Free Typing Software available on the web. It’s the best online tool if you want to get typing lessons, play some amazing typing games and there’s way more than that.

First and foremost, is free to use but it includes non-intrusive ads, which can be removed if you get a premium account. The feature list includes typing lessons, typing games like Keyboard Ninja, Tommy Q Zombie Defender & more, student & teacher oriented features and more.

4. Typing Instructor Platinum 

Typing Instructor Platinum has a playful travel theme and moves you through time and around the world during its lessons. It also includes more games than any other software we tested, making it a suitable program for learners of all ages.

After you pass each lesson, you get a stamp in your passport. You set goals, and the software’s ample reporting features help you carefully curate a learning path to reach them.

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The last of the Best Typing Software to Type Like a Pro is Goodtyping brings you various web courses to learn touch typing and the makers claim that by using Goodtyping, you will “Learn how to type correctly in just a few hours using all your fingers.”

The website supports 23 different keyboard layouts, various languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.

If you are a beginner, there’s nothing to worry about as there are 27 step-by-step lessons on typing and if you are already a pro in typing, you can take a test to see how good you are.

As you can see, we just limited ourselves to just 5 Best Typing Software For Beginners. We want to make the options easier and simpler for you. Trust me, you can’t get better options out there. So, you visit the sites, read more about them and download the best for yourself. Have fun!

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