Best Ways To Break A Relationship

Best Ways To Break A Relationship Without Being Broken

Any relationship which does not lead to marriage ends up in heartbreak” Relationship ends. It gets to a time it seems you can no longer continue with the relationship. There’s no longer the joy of being in a relationship. You are deeply convinced you cannot continue with the relationship. You are not alone. Many persons feel the same. We all may have either had to break a relationship or suffer break ups. Let us look at the Best Ways To Break A Relationship Without Being Broken

Every broken relationship hurts no matter how long it lasted. It often comes with the feelings of betrayal, disappointment, rejection etc. Knowing the Best Ways To Break A Relationship Without Being Broken helps you in a great way. It is important to note that a broken relationship does not mean that there was no love. It could mean many things. But, before you break up, why not consider whether you really want to quit. Before that, let’s look at what causes break ups in relationships.

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You may ask “How am I sure I want to end this relationship?” Well, there are conditions that would force one to consider a break up. They include:

  • Lack of trust and respect.
  • Lack of compatible interest, values, feelings and ideas.
  • Poor conflict and problem management technique.
  • Poor communication.
  • Physical abuse.
  • Lack of freedom of being yourself etc.

Questions To Ask Before Breaking Up

Before you quit your relationship, there are questions you need to ask yourself to ensure you really want to quit. Answer these questions truthfully and let yourself be guided by your sincerity.

  • Is breaking up the best solution?
  • Is there no other way to settle this problem?
  • Will I want him/her back if we break up?
  • Will I regret this action?
  • Should i give him/her another chance?
  • Did I do my best in this relationship?
  • Am I truly convinced of what I’m about to do.

Best Ways To Break A Relationship Without Being Broken

Now you are convinced you want to break up. These steps although not in any order will be helpful.
1.Do Not Break Up In Secret/ Romantic Locations. This helps to prevent unplanned events such as kissing, romancing and even sex. I bet that’s not what you want. It would also prevent an angry partner from physically beating up the other out of anger.
2. Do Not Break Up Through Phone Calls or Texts. It is the worst way to end a relationship. It is also disrespectful. Break ups must be done face to face unless distance does not permit.
3. Appreciate Your Partner: Find something good about your partner and Appreciate. Don’t break up your partner while breaking up a relationship.
4. Acknowledge your faults: Accept your blame for the relationship not working. It shows maturity. If you don’t see where you did wrong, you are the problem to yourself.
5. Be Honest But not confrontational: Don’t say things like “You Are the cause…you are good for nothing…you are useless etc. Rather, say things like “I don’t feel happy and fulfilled in this relationship because of…I think it’s better we end this relationship so as to be able to live happier… Etc . Just do your best and be honest in articulating why you want to quit. Give room for few questions and kind to answer them.
6. Quit The Relationship: Do not vacillate. Do not give room for misunderstanding. Mean it and end it. Avoid any avoidable contacts with your now ex-. Seek new associations. Do not engage in self pity.

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Breaking up a relationship is not easy. They come with diverse feelings. But, most often, it is the best thing to do. You must be wise to do what is best for you and save yourself. Do not become an emotional victim. Take up courage and do the needful.

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