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The Best Ways To End 2016 And Start 2017 Better

As 2016 comes to an end, 2017 quickly steps in. But before the year  fully runs out, here are The Best Ways To End 2016 And Start 2017 Better. Ending well prepares you to enter 2017 better. There are some of the ways you can take to ensure that irrespective of what had happened in 2016, you can still end it well and start 2017 in better shape, read on!

The Best Ways To End 2016 And Start 2017 Better

Review The Year

The Best Ways To End 2016 And Start 2017 Better 1It has already been an eventful 2016 for all. The year had its challenges, pains, successes and the rest. At the beginning of the year, it is obvious you had many plans, visions, goals, dreams and resolutions. In order to end the year well, you need to take stock.

Ask yourself some deep, soul-searching questions. What did I achieve? Was I able to meet up with some or all of my goals? Where did I fail and where did I succeed? Knowing how your year panned out is one good way to end your year.

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Let Go Of Disappointments And FailuresThe Best Ways To End 2016 And Start 2017 Better 2

It is a certainty that there are few or many failures that you encountered in the year. Most of these failures are so heavy that if care is not taken, you may lose your mind. But, you are alive. You must push on without looking back. Dwelling in the past saps you of the needed energy to push forward.

Seek to discover why you failed. Know what exactly what wrong. Discover what it will take to avoid a repeat of such failure. As the saying goes “Tough situations do not last, tough people do”. Find a way to make it better. As Winston Churchill rightly said ‘Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts”.

Celebrate Your Successes

The Best Ways To End 2016 And Start 2017 Better 3Life is a coin, it has two sides. Success and failure are inseparable, each hiding and partnering with the other. Life is such that you experience both in various capacities. Therefore, celebrate your success in this year. Celebrate the good things that happened to you, the fortunes that came your way and the heights you attained.

Your success could be graduation from a high school, could be employment, job promotion, marriage, wedding anniversary, procurement of a new car, business success etc. Whatever it is you achieved this year, celebrate them. Enjoy them. And when you are happy, you are motivated and energized. You enter 2017 with abundant of energy. Feel your heart with the good things that happened to. When you want to feel downcast, dig in and enjoy the feelings of yourself within you. Use your success as catalyst for better things.

Plan For The Coming Year

The Best Ways To End 2016 And Start 2017 Better 4Call it a New Year resolution, New Year goals, visions, dreams etc, you are correct. The end point is this: before you enter 2017, plan for it. Set out your goals and aspirations and draw out strategies for its attainment. Dream big and feel your mind with the possibilities of such. Do not big afraid to think and dream big again. The failure of 2016 should not stop you from pushing ahead and thinking bigger.

The plan for 2017 could involve academics, social, character, business, relationship, finance etc. Every aspect of your life must be planned for. They are part of you and should be carried along. Your plan should not only all about what to do, but also “HOW” to do them.

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Recharge Yourself And Act!

The Best Ways To End 2016 And Start 2017 Better 5No idea, dream or goal no matter how lofty, achieves itself. Nothing works except it is worked on. You really need to start working on your plans even right now. Plans are nothing except they are worked on by you and I.

Before the year is out, go for personal retreat. It could be fasting and prayer, it could be meditation, it could be limiting your time outside and dedicating your times to books. Feed your mind howsoever you will and get prepped for action. Procrastination is a deadly killer. Start up on your plans now and fire on.

2017 is there for the taking. It is already fertile and ready to yield. But you must finish well first. Get yourself ready for the coming year. Remember, tough people outlive tough situations. Use these The Best Ways To End 2016 And Start 2017 Better and have a pleasant year ahead!!!


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