Best Ways To Drive Traffic Using LinkedIn To Your Blog

It is unfortunate that a lot of blogs are not using LinkedIn traffic to their benefit. They miss out on a lot of things. If you are serious about generating traffic to your blog from different platforms, you need to consider LinkedIn as part of your overall plan. So, why should you consider to drive traffic using LinkedIn? Well, the platform has 467 million users and 106 million monthly active users. Also, LinkedIn is available in 24 languages in over 200 territories. This opens your blog to traffic from multiple sources and locations.

LinkedIn is a haven for B2B marketers. In fact, it has become more important than Facebook. According to Social media marketing industry report, LinkedIn surpassed Facebook as the number one social platform. LinkedIn generates 80% of B2B leads and is used by 94% B2B marketers for content distribution. This is because on an average, customers read 10 articles before making a purchase decision and LinkedIn provides them with just the information they need.

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In 2015, around 1 million people were sharing 130,000 posts every week using LinkedIn’s publishing feature. These posts are usually read by managers and CEOs. The reach of these posts is also quite impressive as an average post is read by people in 21 industries and 9 countries. So, are you seeing the reason you need to drive traffic using LinkedIn?

How To Drive Traffic Using LinkedIn To Your Blog

Let’s get practical then. We will be showing you the simple but effective ways you can drive traffic using LinkedIn.

1. Complete your profile

This is probably quite basic, but it is perhaps the most important step. Your company’s page is like a business card and gives the first impression about your business. Hence, it should be complete and have a professional look. Include your logo to increase brand recognition. Your company’s profile should also have a clear description of the product or service you offer.

Also, include your website’s URL so that people are directed to it. To make your page more appealing to users, you can share your employees’ personal profiles or some behind-the-scenes photos etc. Your personal profile is as important as your company’s page. Whether you are a CEO of a large company, a small business owner or a blogger, you need to be on LinkedIn to build connections. Also, when people know a face behind a business, they are more likely to trust it. Include a professional summary along with a headshot.

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2. Build Connections

The more connections you have, the easier it will be for you to gain traction. The first thing you need to do after completing your profile is to connect with all the people you know on LinkedIn, which includes your office colleagues, your school mates, people you have met at events, your customers and email contacts.

You can easily import your email contacts on the platform. However, make sure that you don’t send all of them a generic invitation message. Go through the list and determine who is more relevant. LinkedIn’s ‘People You May Know’ and ‘Alumni’ are also useful for growing your network.

3. Join Groups

Groups are an excellent way to direct people to your profile. You can find relevant groups through the search option and start participating in them to connect with people relevant to your industry and potential customers.

However, you need to take off your marketing hat once you join the group. The objective of joining a group is not to promote your product; you are not supposed to spam group members with advertising. Instead, engage in discussions to provide value to the members. The more you participate, the more profile views you will get.

You can also share your blogposts. If they are good enough, they will be liked and shared by other members. However, to achieve that you have to prove that you are a real member of the group. Spend initial days liking and sharing other people’s posts. But don’t go overboard; share content that you find worthy.

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4. Create a community

You can leverage LinkedIn groups not only as a member, but as an owner as well. LinkedIn Groups provide you with the perfect opportunity to create a community of your own.

The best part about creating a group is that it can assist you with email marketing. The frequency of emails can depend on the activity of your group. The link first directs users to the discussion on the group, but users can also read full articles on your website. This way you can save time and money and let LinkedIn help you with email marketing.

5. Write engaging content

Writing content for LinkedIn is similar to writing for a blog. You need to keep in mind the interests of your target audience. Stick with a topic that supports your business. Write captivating headlines and combine them with compelling images to make your posts appealing.

Keep in mind keywords to improve the SEO of your articles. Search for relevant keywords using online tools and incorporate them into your articles. Research confirms that readers appreciate brevity and give importance to content that is inspiring and to the point. To increase engagement, you can hold contests and sweepstakes, where by you can give away services/ products for free.

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6. Use LinkedIn plugins

A few LinkedIn plugins out there can help boost traffic to your website. The most important one is perhaps the sharing button that allows users to easily share your website content and blog posts on their LinkedIn page.

Once they do that, their connections will also be able to see it on their homepage. Also, embed a ‘follow’ plugin on your website so that visitors can easily follow you on LinkedIn.

You can also include your profile on your WordPress website through WP LinkedIn plugin. This plugin gives you access to simple short codes through which you can include your profile anywhere on your site. To include your company’s profile, you will need a premium extension to the plugin.

7. Follow Influencers

LinkedIn has another useful feature called ‘LinkedIn Influencers’ that invites people through invitation. The list comprises more than 500 prominent thinkers and leaders. Each of these people have large followings. They usually discuss trending topics and information in the form of articles or blogposts. The idea is to only follow influencers who are relevant to your industry, and may be the right fit for your brand.

Your search might bring up articles written by powerful influencers. The best way to connect with these people is by taking part in discussions in the comment sections of their content. When you send requests to influencers, write personalized messages. Avoid using the general, automated message “I’d like to add you to my professional network…” Your first impression would determine the quality of the relationship you will have with the influencer.

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8. Try LinkedIn advertising

Apart from generating organic traffic, you can also use LinkedIn paid advertising through LinkedIn Ads platform. This platform lets you create two types of ads: sponsored updates and text ads.

You can create a sponsored ad through LinkedIn Campaign Manager. Campaign Manager allows you to select a target audience and budget. However, you need to be careful with your budget since LinkedIn ads cost a little more than Facebook’s and Twitter’s. Make sure to add an interesting headline and a compelling image.

People who see these ads can click through to your website via the image. You can also reach your target audience by delivering personalized messages in their Linked inboxes. Monitor your analytics closely. Your ads will be of no use if they don’t bring in any results.


LinkedIn has proven a very reliable source of traffic to businesses and bloggers. You too can Drive Traffic Using LinkedIn. Use these tips here and you will be glad you did.

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