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All Big Brother Naija 2018 Contestants – See their Names & Biography

Good to announce to you that the Big Brother Naija show has begain and the Housemates has arrived to start competing for the maga prize. For the fact that you have major roles to play in this BBNaija show it is important you start getting familar with all Big Brother Naija 2018 Contestants, by knowing their Names & Biography (what they love doing the most).

All Big Brother Naija 2018 Contestants

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Here Are Full List of Big Brother Naija 2018 Contestants

#1. Ahneeka

Ahneeka - #BBN 2018

Growing up as the middle child of five siblings, Ahneeka has developed a love for unrest: she promised to eliminate “all things dull” by disturbing everyone in the House whilst having bucket loads of fun. Ahneeka’s biggest feat is of landing a media job despite her engineering background. She says her family is freaked out about her participation yet are fully supportive of her.

What irritates you most about people: ‘Bougie’. Generally fake people.


#2. Alex

Alex - BBNaija 2018 Housemate

Sandra Asagwa is a social butterfly who loves to dance. This single, vibrant, young lady is one of three children and she said she will miss her family the most while in the House. She prides herself on being unique and daring. Alex believes that she will stand out because she “won’t hold back” so hold on to your hats folks because it looks like we are in for a wild ride.


#3. Angel

Angel is part of BBNaija Housemate 2018

Angel Awotarigha is a filmmaker and music lover from Bayelsa state who often gets mistaken for a famous Nigerian personality. He enjoys martial arts, swimming, playing guitar and video games. Working with an American rapper is a highlight of Angel’s career. One of ten children, Angel lost his mum a year ago and his family is strongly rallied behind him. Angel describes himself as passionate, and keeping his fiery and emotional nature under wraps may be a challenge in the House.


#4. Anto

Anto - #BigBrotherNigeria 2018 Housemate

Born and raised in the US, Anto came back to Nigeria for the first time at age 20 to work at her dream job in a male-dominated industry. By her own admission, she has no special talents that she knows of. Growing up on the Atlantic coast, Anto loves going to the beach, dancing and cooking. She also takes no prisoners for being scandalous so she can wear anything.


#5. Bambam

Bambam - Big Brother Naija housemate 2018

Actress and singer Oluwabamike “Bambam” Olawunmi joins the House secretly from her family. A native of Ogun state, Bambam confessed that binge-watching movies, playing badminton and singing were here favourite pastimes. She attended film school, which was a way to overcome her parents ‘divorce. If Bambam was an animal, she said she would be a black panther that in her own words has “good massage skills”.


#6. Bitto

Bitto - 2018 BBNaija Housemate

The youngest of four siblings, Bitto’s most painful memory was losing his mum at an early age. He expects his family to be shocked but very supportive of him, and will miss Sylvia his best friend and girlfriend the most. If he was an animal, Bitto says he would be a camel for there is no stroke that can break his back. Bitto’s hobbies include traveling, taking pictures, music and movies.


#7. Cee-C

Cee-C - BBNaija Housemate 2018

Cee-C enters the House pretty satisfied to have found her purpose in life. Oozing confidence and authenticity, she said she is an “eye candy” and “mentally attractive” too, features enhanced by her love for dresses that hug her body at the right spots. The privately educated Cee-C likes to learn new stuff and is an avid novel reader. She is a mean cook and has competitive tennis skills.


#8. Dee-One

Dee-One - Big Brother Naija 2018 Housemate

From an early age, Dee-One has learned to laugh at everything and has developed this talent into an art. He also enjoys reading the Bible, poetry, dancing, rapping and singing. Dee-One confessed he would sorely miss his phone, but he can trust BBNaija fans to love the humour he brings into the House. If he was a world leader, Dee-One says he would change the poverty mentality.


#9. Ifu Ennada

Ifu Ennada BBNaija housemate

Work hard play hard Ifu Ennada is a work hard – play hard self-made woman who remembers the feeling of making her first millions. She cites her hobbies as drinking Mojitos, partying, karaoke and online shopping. Ifu Ennada admit she’ll miss her phone as she likes to “reply to people on social media”.


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#10. K.Brule

K.Brule BBNaija housemate

When he is not rehearsing in studios, K.Brule can be found playing football and watching movies. After graduating from music school, he enrolled at university only to drop out when he learned that his mother was gravely ill. An only child, K.Brule says he is a fun, loyal and happy mate. His mother is super excited about BBNaija. If he were a world leader, he would make energy and education accessible for all.


#11. Vandora

Vandora - BBNaija Housemate

Apart from being a foodie, Vandora likes talking to people, doing make up and watching TV. She says she was at her lowest when she failed her second year at university. However that misfortune turned to be what she describes as her highest point in life when she finally graduated at an advertising school. Vandora’s family was shocked to find out about her going into the house but she knows they’ll support her.


#12. Tobi

Tobi - BBNaija 2018 Housemate

A native from Ogun state, Oluwatobi Bakre is passionate about photography and football. Tobi’s hobbies range from poetry, dancing, rapping, singing and drawing. Against all odds, Tobi graduated from the University of Lagos considering he is an avid clubber who lives by his social media feed. The youngest of four siblings, Tobi’s most painful experience was seeing his father cry at his grandmother’s funeral. Forever supportive, Tobi’s family shares in the BBNaija excitement. He has always wanted to be in the House if only “for fun”.


#13. Teddy A

Teddy A - 2018 BBNaija Housemate

There are two things that make Teddy jam in this world: recording and making music in the studio. He also adores spending quality time with and doting on his four-year old son. A self-described chameleon who can fit in any society, Teddy joins the House because he wants to ‘blow’ and ‘be popular’. His ever-supporting family and his four brothers have all rallied behind him.


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#14. Rico Swavey

Rico Swavey - 2018 BBNaija Housemate

Even if he had a million dollars Rico Swavey would be in the House “just to catch the waves”. He said he exploded of joy when he got his first big acting gig, and shared that he was a lion at heart, a protector who likes to stand up for the oppressed. When Rico Swavey is not busy charming ladies, he enjoys swimming and singing. Rico’s parents and seven siblings are happy and supportive.


#15. Khloe

Khloe - 2018 BBNaija Housemate

A horror movie buff, Khloe owns having no hidden talent and is only looking to bring drama to the house. At the core of herself, Khloe believes she is often misunderstood and hopes to use her time in the House for her true self to shine. If Khloe were a world leader, she would “stop university education” because she’s “real”, she doesn’t “sugar coat” and says it “the way it is”.


#16. Leo

Leo - BBNaija Housemate 2018

Leo enjoys playing basketball and is a fervent supporter of Premier League football clubs. He is still pained that his father didn’t live to see him graduating from university. With his good looks, intelligence and secret math skills, Leo believes he can “solve everyone’s problems”. If he was an animal, the fiercely protective Leo would be a lion “to defend” his family, his mother, three sisters an brother.


#17. Lolu

Lolu - BBNaija Housemate 2018

Lolu enjoys eating, reading, traveling, playing video as well as board games. His highest point in life was securing a job at a large investment banking corporation, although losing his mother made him reach rock bottom. The University of Ilorin graduate also a secret poet, dancer and singer. He’s also great with accents. Lolu’s dad is unaware of his participation in Big Brother but his sister is excited about it.


#18. Princess

Princess - BBNaija Housemate 2018

Princess Linda Onyejekwe enjoys cooking, designing clothes and partying on occasion. She recalls having not yet reached the highest point of her life and aspires for more. A geology graduate, Princess intends to use her time in the House to tap into her secret acting talents and let her “Alter Egos” take center stage.


#19. Miracle

Miracle - #BigBrotherNaija Housemate

Newly graduated from the aviation school, Miracle joins the House with his pilot license firmly in hand. He feels grateful for everything in life as he knows how financially difficult it was to get there. Miracle’s love of dancing and camping is only parallel by his sense of fashion, especially his skinny jeans. Miracles hates inequality and says he’s not in the game for the money.


#20. Mina

Nina - Big Brother Nigeria Housemate

Nina brings her people skills to the House: she says she loves talking, interacting with people and singing. Nina knows she’ll be the fans’ favourite because she will be “real and fans will love that”. If she were an animal, she said she would be a cat with nine lives for all the challenges she has gone through and overcome.


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