How to Start Your Bing MicroSoft Advertising with free $100 – to Run Campaign

Are you a business person and you want your business to been known, seen and accessed from aross the world or targeted location? You have the opportunity now like never before.

This time you don’t have to complain about fund because you will be getting $100 in search advertising when you spend $25 in Microsoft Advertising. Which goes a very long way to stabilize your foundation to run more campaign and making you profit for the time been.

How to Start Your Bing MicroSoft Advertising with free $100 - to Run Campaign 1

This page will guide you through on how to get Start Your Bing MicroSoft Advertising with free $100 – to Run Campaign. It doesn’t matter what you set to achieve through the advertisment, whether;

  • to get more search engine traffic – letting people know your business exist online and using the opportunity to share or sell the information you want,
  • to let the new audience know where your local shop is located at (address of your physical shop address),
  • to get more email leads to run feature campaign. Getting a new and unlimited number of contactable lists during the campaign,
  • to attract action takers to to your business. Those that loves and values your products and servers
  • …and more

This page has covered the whle of these information to so that you can start your $100 free Bing Microsoft campaign. But remember that you have to spend as little as $25 for the $100 to be awarded to you instantly.

How to Sign Up For The Bing MicroSoft Advertising Account

There are two different websites which make it a little confusing. One of the sites allows you to sign up. While the other is the page to request for your free $100 to run your first campaign (after spending upto $25).


So use the steps below and use the link which we recommend you use.

  1. Log on to the main website (use the link below)
  2. complete the registration form, if you don’t have an account with Microsoft before. or you want to create a fresh one.

    While filling the form, there are things you have to note;
    – ensure to fill in your correct details
    – fill up all required parts marked with “*”
    – enter your website address (URL) starting with an http:// or https://

    …without all that, your Bing Microsoft Advertising registration won’t be successful.

  3. Check the box that you’re not a robot
  4. Click on “Request Your Coupon” button to submit the form.

    Bing MicroSoft Advertising signup submit image
    You should land on a thank you page and further instructions on what t do next.

  5. But You can either click on the “Sign Up Now” button or log on to to sign up.
    The page looks like this;

    How to Start Your Bing MicroSoft Advertising with free $100 - to Run Campaign 2
    Click on the “Sign Up Now” button you see on the page and start your registration.

  6. Now you should be on the official signup page. You are expected to complete the form as required.

And that brings us to another level of this learning, how to then signup for your Bing Ads Campaign Account

Setting Up Bing Ads Campaign Account

This part of the tutorial shows how to fully sign up for your Bing Ads Campaign right away;

Access the Bing Campaign sign up page –

After you have signup/requested for the free $100 Bing coupon” to run your first campaign, you now have to start another signup fusing the same email address (information) used to make the request.

A form comes up for you to login using ur email (that same email used to request a coupon.

But in a scenario where the email you used is not sign-up yet with Bing Account then you have to click on “Create One” See image below;

Microsoft account login image

Fill the form and move to next step

From this form, you first have to provided your company name, your name, email address, business phone number, location , the currency you prefer to use (base on Bing availablity) and select your Goal for the account you are creating. Bing Ads sign up 1

Next; You have the Option to Either Import or Create Campaign

You can either import your Google Ads campaign into Bing and run the same Campaign. Or you Create a New one.

But both options can still be achioaved later even after making one decission righ now.

So for the purpose of this page, we are going to import an existing campaign now. And still show how to create a fresh campaign later.How to Start Your Bing MicroSoft Advertising with free $100 - to Run Campaign 3

Click on “Sign in to Google” – to start importing your Google Ads campaign

Follow the instraction that prompts, but make sure to click on “allow” for the connection to be successful.

Once you have completed the connection, you’ll be redirected to the Bing Ads setup page (where you where), then you should see that the connection has gone well by seeing your Google Ads Campaign Email.

The next again is that you can either import all your campaigns or specific campaigns; select the option and follow the screen.

Click “Import” once you are done.Bing Ads sign up 3.png

Step Up Your Payment Address

This is the next step required for you to complete for your Ads to go live. But you also skip this part to do later.

Your name, or business name, office address and location (state, country), billing option is needed to be completed on this step.

Billing options include how you pay (payment setting) and what you pay with (payment method).

To further confirm that your billing details are correct Bing will have to make a small authorization charge from your Card, which will later be removed.

Fund Account And Activate your Campaign to Start Running

Whichever way you may have selected as a payment method, you need to fund your account for your campaign to start running.

Creating New Bing Microsoft Campaign Ads

Once you have created your account and sign in on your Microsoft Ads account;

  • From your dashboard Click on “Campaign”
How to Start Your Bing MicroSoft Advertising with free $100 - to Run Campaign 4
  • Click on “Campaign” under the “All Campaign” tab.
  • Then click on “Create Campaign” to get started.

You can Check out on our release on how to set up a profitable campaign program.

Also, feel free to drop your comment (on the comment box below) if in case you have any question or contribution to make on this topic.


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