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Black-Market Currency Exchange Rate – with accurate prices

Knowing what the black-market exchange rate is your duty and know exchanger would want to update you on the fact. This is why I have listed the sites I get accurate black-market foreign currency exchange rates.

The black-market (aka Parallel Market Exchange Rate) is an unstable market that requires a consistent follow up from credible platforms that also consistently update every second there are changes.

Black-Market Currency Exchange Rate image

Don’t be suprise to see about the list of credible black-market exchange rate listed, peherps there are few other sites that may even have a better understanding platfform.

So lets jump in and list out those sites to get accurate daily black-market exchange rate of different currencies.

But before I start listing them, you should have it at the back of your mind that;

  1. The black-market exchange rates can differ in inter-states and countries. I have come to notice that states, where more foreign-exchange marketing (foreigners coming to buy and sell) is carried out, tend to have a quicker and higher selling/buying rate.
  1. The same applied if you have living where there are an airport and seaport locations.
  2. Lastly when there are scarcity and much demands.

But the different won’t be too significant in price.

List of Black-Market Currency Exchange Rate


Listing other Black-Market exchange rate listing site without is an error.

AbokiFX is known for nothing but consistently listing the rates of black-market rate and the capital market rates.

That isn’t all, it also lists out credible black market dealers contacts (if you base in Nigeria, especially Lagos). gives you the parallel market date from Lagos, plus other news and analytics to educate readers about what’s going on and what might happen soon next.

No registration, no any form of obligation from your before accessing the information you want – it is a straight forward site.

It even has a mobile application to quickly gain access from mobile instead of the official website.

If you’re using the main site, simple use the steps below to navigate to the black-market page on;

  1. go to the website
  2. then tap/click on ‘PARALLEL RATES’
  3. now you can see the current rate, plus calculator to help calculate how much you get in exchange for that currency you’re transacting.

You can also check what’s the current parallel rate for any country of your choice. All information is available for you to explore.


NgnRates has been my favorite since this year started. I am not disputing the fact that AbokiFX updates fast, but NgnRates is fastest I have seen on this Black-Market Currency Exchange Rate checking space.

You can always rest assured that the bureau de change exchanger will definatly buy or sell to you the exact price you see on the site.

This is one of the main tool bureau de change uses – a surprise to know that they even introduced the site to me this year.

It offers the same features with AbokiFX, but its own uniqueness is the varieties of currencies to check prices for

Use the steps below to navigate to the black market area;

  • visit the website –
  • BOOM… you’re already on the page to see what the price is for that day or hour.

Please note that the updates more than once or twice a day when there are changes in the market.

Features of these free Tools

  • CBN exchange rate
  • Black market exchange rate
  • Bureau De Change exchange rate
  • Calculator
  • Free access via website and Mobile app (for Abokifx only)
  • Varieties of foreign currencies exchange rate
  • News update about the market

We’ll be listing more of the credible and accurate sites or app that does a good job in updating Market Currency Exchange Rate. But for now, those are what we’ve got and trusted.

You can also use the comment box below to list out the app or website that you use for checking your daily foreign Currency Exchange Rate.

Use the comment below if you have any question.

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