SEO Tips & Techniques For Beginners

Blogging Tips: Top SEO Tips & Techniques For Beginners

You may have read many articles and searched many blogs for tips on Search Engine Optimization. I don’t know what you may have found out, but this SEO Tips & Techniques For Beginners is written with you in mind. The contents of this blog are written out of experience and also observation and research. So as a beginner blogger, here are all you need to know about SEO and how to utilise them. Even though you are not a beginner, i bet there are many things you will find out here to improve your blogging experience.

As you will find out in this work, the SEO Tips & Techniques For Beginners will not just show you what to do, it will do more in telling you how to go about them. It is what you know and implement that makes a difference and separate you from others. We assure you that if you implement the ideas here, your blog will definitely drive more traffic as well as ranking high in search engines. Let us get down to business immediately.

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SEO Tips & Techniques For Beginners

  1. Choose Your Topic Wisely

SEO Tips & Techniques For Beginners

Readers are attracted by topics. This is one major SEO Tips & Techniques For Beginners. The topic of your blog must be enticing. Obviously, your article must be written in line with the chosen topic. Before you start writing any article, your topic should be chosen. Here is the tip:

If you want your article to generate traffic,

Focus on articles that solve people’s needs.

People have many needs they face daily, articles which seek to provide answers to these challenges would naturally generate much traffic. As a result, you must be current on global and local events to know the people’s needs and seek to fulfil these needs through blogging. Examples of some of these good topics include: How to withdraw money from your Bitcoin wallet to your bank account, How to obtain permit for tinted-glass cars in Nigeria, How to create a Gmail account, Best dress code rules for interviews etc.

  1. Focus Keyword

SEO Tips & Techniques For BeginnersThe issue of Focus Keyword has been eternal in blogging. As a beginner, a focus keyword is simple the word or phrase readers use in searching for information on the web. Before writing blog, you’ll have to decide what terms you want to be found for. You’ll have to get inside people’s heads and find out what words they use while searching. Eventually, you can use exactly these terms in your content and make sure you start ranking for them. Keyword research is the first step in SEO copywriting and an essential part of any SEO strategy

  1. Image

SEO Tips & Techniques For BeginnersWith images, you can give an explanation to what would have cost you 100 words to explain. Images are sometimes necessary to enhance the user experience. While images play important roles in having a good SEO ranking, care must be taken to avoid over-doing it. In using images, you must be guided be the following tips: Use Alt Text to describe the image. The Focus key word can be contained in the Alt Text; Use keywords in image filenames (separated with dashes). Avoid using filenames like image1.jpg or person1.jpg. Instead use meaningful names with dashes. For example, Donald-trump’s-inauguration.jpg. Make the image size smaller to aid the website in loading fast.

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  1. Blog Arrangement

Article blogging are quite different from news blogging. Therefore, in writing your blog, it must be arranged in such a way that Google understands what you are writing. But most importantly, the content arrangement must be such that the reader finds it easy to read and locate needs.

Don’t just publish text on your website

without first doing some basic formatting

Make use of the formatting tools available to you. The title should come with Heading 1 (H1), the main headings of your post should use H2 while other sub-headings should be with H3. Divide your works in paragraphs. And also, use BOLD and Italics to draw users attention to salient points.

  1. Internal Link

SEO Tips & Techniques For Beginners

Internal links are those links in your posts that takes the reader to another topic and webpage different from the one he/she is reading.  Having internal links in your articles helps increase the ranking of your article in the Google search engine. But, the blogger should not be only concerned about adding internal links. It must be strategically done. Internal links must be used wisely. Your link must not be placed on your focus keyword. You are invariably promoting another article with the same key word you want to be ranked for. The links must also be useful to the reader and related to the article you wrote. One of the best pieces of advice is to avoid using the word or phrase “Click here for more information”. It is advisable to place the link on a given word/phrase. This will promote your article on the Google search engine ranking.

  1. Meta Description

SEO Tips & Techniques For BeginnersNow, the Meta description does not have much direct influence on the SEO ranking, but it tells prospective readers what your site is about. Often, it is your Meta description that determines whether people read your blog or not. So, you must capture this section with dexterity. Why is the Meta description important? There are many bloggers who have written similar articles (probably with exact topics as yours). They can decide to read yours solely because of how captivating your Meta description is. So, it must be enticing and promotional. It should contain a call to action. Certainly, your Meta description must contain your focus keyword.

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We have been detailed to ensure you give you a fair advantage in beginning your journey into blogging. In this article, Blogging Tips: SEO Tips & Techniques For Beginners, we careful pointed out the important features for Search Engine Optimization. But like you must have noted, your focus must not be to get a good ranking at the detriment of good content. Once people keep getting quality contents from your blog site, they will obviously share them. And by so doing, you get more clicks which increase your SEO ranking.

Let us hear your thoughts about this. Do you have any question or contribution? Please do not hesitate; connect with us and let’s share ideas together.

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