Brand Story Tips

Brand Story Tips | Tips For Creating An Authentic Brand Story

These days where there are lots of noise and competitions online, it takes a very powerful and authentic brand story to separate one brand from the other. This is why it is very important to understand some key brand story tips that will change the game to your favour. If you truly want to separate and distinguish your brand from the rest, then, we want to show you how you can create an authentic brand story around your business.

A compelling brand story is more than just frills — it’s the thing that will help you break through the noise and rise above your competitors. If you want your story to resonate with consumers, it needs to be both relevant and creative.

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Branded content is one of the keys to creating a loyal customer base, but it has to be done right. Today’s customers crave authenticity more than ever, which isn’t surprising. Because they’re constantly inundated with advertising and corporate messaging, they have become wary of fake news and dishonest marketing. This calls to have an award winning brand story.

Top Brand Story Tips

Here are some important tips you must consider to create a compelling brand story.

1. Values

The set of principles your brand follows is what enables you to execute your vision – it shapes your internal business culture and guides personnel in day-to-day operations. It’s also good if your brand shares the same values as your customers. By sharing your values, you are extending an invitation to people of same values to align with your business and brand.

2. Truth

Authenticity can only be achieved through honesty and transparency. You’d be surprised how quickly people can figure out if you’re trying to fool them – customers appreciate businesses that are upfront with their intentions. so, never think of adding cooked up stories to enhance your game. Be honest!

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3. Content and Copy

Your content and copy are the meat of your brand story – they fill in the gaps and add more detail, helping you to attract your customers. Content and copy is where you showcase your brand voice, letting you establish the personality of your brand. Your content should be able to align to your values always.

4. Purpose

It’s not enough for a business to exist simply to make profits – what makes a business truly have a “brand” is the big picture. A brand with a purpose will do a lot better in the long term. Your audience and customers would want to know what you intend to achieve. This helps you build a community of like-minded customers.

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5. Products and Services

The lifeblood of a business is the products and services it’s selling. They have to live up to the brand story you’re telling, and the promises you make as a result. A simple question, does your products and services meet up with your brand promises and expectations?

6. Design

A big part of what makes a brand identifiable is its aesthetic design, and this is mostly done through the logo, which should be the first thing customers can recognize. When done right, the visuals associated with your brand can help to sway their judgment.

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7. Customer Experience

What your customers go through in doing business with your brand is another major part of its story. No matter how good your marketing is, it’s nothing if you can’t fulfill your promises. Ensure you build everything alongside your value propositions.


If you really want to stand out and build a community around your business and brand, then these brand story tips will keep you in save hands. Explore them today!

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