Photo - Dede One Day

Breaking News – Dede One Day Confirm Dead

Photo - Dede One Day
Dede One Day Confirm Dead

Dede One Day Confirm DeadBy now there are doubt and augment from the people; The Question is; Is Actor Dede One Day Is Dead? |  According to The Nation’s report, that the popular comedian “Dede One Day” had died of high blood pressure in the early hours of yesterday, December 14, after his performance at an event on Sunday.

According to a report, “Dede One Day anchored a program for One Mr Charles Esonu on Sunday in Aba, from there he went to Ugwunagbo for another event he was paid to anchor as Master of ceremony, but he couldn’t conclude that event as he fell sick and was rushed to hospital over BP related issue and he died late in the Night.”

Dede One Day‘s Biography (Profile)


May His Soul Rest in Peace. Amen!!


Stay with us for more information on the conditions surrounding the actor’s death.

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7 responses to “Breaking News – Dede One Day Confirm Dead”

  1. Ani Chioma Victoria

    may his soul rest in peace Amen.we love u but God loves u most.

  2. Mazi Ipar

    May God accept this young promising man soul i love this man but God love him must honest i was not happy when this news enter to my hearing i felt bad but all the same this is a debt every body owns this end time world may his soul be accepted in haven Amen

  3. Evan Tobechukwu

    May his soul rest in peace.but what of if he didn’t make heaven?will his soul be in peace.everything that happened. happen’s for a reason.we that are still living should try of best possible for us and our GOD to be in good relation so that when death comes we will make heaven.RICHES.POPULARITY.FAME can not take us to heaven.the only person that can take us to heaven is JESUS CHRIST.why can’t u pause a while and reconsider your ways..remember HEAVEN AND HELL IS REAL..Now is the time for us to decide where to go when we die…ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST NOW AND BE SAVED..

  4. okuma paul c

    death is a golden key that opens de palace of eternity. Is an inevitable call, i pray dat God will give de mourning family de fortitude to bear de loose. May his soul rest in peace AMEN

  5. static

    Dede your death is still like a film to me ,I pray it will be a rumor,cos the world still need you

    1. onlinedailys

      This is life. Dede one day is no more!!

  6. Gift

    May your soul rest in peace.i was surprise but found out is true.their will be no more dede one day volume 18

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