Breaking News: IPOB Is A Terrorist Group, Nigeria Defence Headquarters

We wish to inform you that the Nigerian defence headquarters has branded the Indigenous People Of Biafra a terrorist group. This comes not long after we reported that the Governor of Abia state has ordered the withdrawal of Army from the streets of Abia state. So, according to the DHQ, the IPOB Is A Terrorist Group. This, we must say, is unexpected.

This breaking news was announced by the Maj.-Gen. John Enenche, the Director, Defence Information (DDI). According to him, after due research and observations and given the IPOB’s modus operandi, that the IPOB Is A Terrorist Group. Recall, the IPOB has always prided itself in the use of non-violent approach. So, it is really a twist of event to be branded a terrorist group.

IPOB Is A Terrorist Group, DHQ

Below is the statement of the Director, Defence Information.

“After due professional analysis and recent developments, it has become expedient to notify the general public that the claim by IPOB actors that the organisation is non-violent is not true. Hence, the need to bring to public awareness the true and current state of IPOB.

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“In this regard, some of their actions, clandestinely and actively, that have been terrorising the general public include: “The formation of a Biafra Secret Service, claimed formation of Biafra National Guard, unauthorised blocking of public access roads and extortion of money from innocent civilians at illegal road blocks.

“Militant possession and use of weapons (stones, molotov cocktails, machetes and broken bottles, among others) on a military patrol on Sept. 10, 2017. “Physical confrontation of troops by Nnamdi Kanu and other IPOB actors at a check point on Sept. 11, 2017 and also attempt to snatch their rifles.

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“Attack by IPOB members on a military check point on Sept. 12, 2017, at Isialangwa, where one IPOB actor attempted to snatch a female soldier’s rifle.’’ “From the foregoing, the Armed Forces of Nigeria wish to confirm to the general public that IPOB from all intent, plan and purpose as analysed, is a militant terrorist organisation,.

What do you say about the report that IPOB Is A Terrorist Group? Let’s hear from you below. Thank you.


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