How To Build Intimacy In Your Relationship For Singles

How To Build Intimacy In Your Relationship Today – The end goal of very relationship is to achieve intimacy. It is a word often used when issues of relationships are mentioned. But, despite being a commonly used term, intimacy for many remains a mirage. Few knows what it is, let alone knowing how to achieve this intimacy. So, how can intimacy be attained in a relationship? How can partners attain the heights of blissful intimacy? First, let’s understand what intimacy means.

Intimacy can be defined as “close familiarity or friendship” by the online Wikipedia. It goes further to highlight the synonyms to mean “closeness, togetherness, affinity, rapport, attachment, familiarity, confidentiality, close association, close relationship, close attachment, close friendship”.

How To Build Intimacy In Your Relationship Today

1. Do things together.

There are lots of things you can do together with your partner to attain intimacy. You can pray together, attend seminars together, go to market together, eat together. Find out things you can do together and share your joy with each other. This draws you closer, one to another.

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2. Appreciation.

Often, most people understate the importance of appreciation in relationships. Appreciation is a very essential if you must grow intimacy. Be strategic. When you want to appreciate, you focus on the positive aspects and attributes of your partner. When you verbalise them, your partner naturally is drawn to you and you to him/her.

3. Heart to heart talks.

We are in a busy world where everyone is pursing one thing or the other. But, if you seek intimacy, you must make out time to share heart to heart talks with your partner. This time can be used to share your fears, your pains, your challenges with your partner. Opening up to your partner on your fears and joys naturally draws you together.

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4. Reemphasize your commitment.

Your partner really needs to be reminded from time to time what he/she means to you. Regularly point out to your partner his/her impact in your life and how your life has been better with him/her around. Don’t be stingy here. Let her know how proud you are to have her.

5. Learn new things together.

This is like a magic wand. When you learn together, the joy involved in learning together bounds you closer to each other and you will be better for it.

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Intimacy can be achieved. It is often in the little things we overlook that can make the difference. Have fun and enjoy and build intimacy in your relationship.

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