Building Materials: List and Cost of Building Materials in Nigeria

Cost of Building Materials in Nigeria – In this articles, am going to list out Building Materials and also their Cost of purchasing them. This will enable marketers, contractors and those who want to embarking a building project to know the estimate of what they are about to spend.

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List and Cost of Building Materials in Nigeria

Here are the list and Cost of Building Materials in Nigeria:

List of Building Materials Size Prices of Building Materials
Cement 50kg bag N1,750.00
Cement One tonne (20 bags) N32,000.00

Sharp Sand

Sharp Sand 20 tons N27, 000- N35, 000

Plaster Sand

Plaster Sand 15 tons N28,000.00- N35, 000


20 tons N65,000.00


Wall Tiles China 20×30 N850.00
Wall Tiles Spain/Italy 20×30 N1,400.00
Floor Tiles China 30×30 N1,000.00
Floor Tiles Spain/ Italy 30×30 N2,300.00
Floor Tiles China 40×40 N1,650.00
Floor Tiles Spain/ Italy 40×40 N2,500.00
Floor Tiles China 30×60 N1,700.00
Floor Tiles Spain/ Italy 30×60 N2,800.00
Wall Tiles Spain/ Italy 25×40 N1,400.00
Floor Tiles Spain/ Italy 45×40 N1,600.00
Floor Tiles Spain /Italy 22×33 N1,500.00
Floor Tiles China 60×60 N1,800.00
Floor Tiles China 50×50 N1,300.00
Wall Tiles China 6×6 N1,400.00
Wall Tiles Spain/ Italy 20×20 N1,400,00

Kitchen Materials

Sink with Mixer Double N20,000.00
Sink with Tap Single N5,000.00
Kitchen Cabinet Complete set and accessories N85,000.00


White Plywood 18-75x1200x240mm long N4,000.00
White Plywood 12-50x1200x240mm long N3,600.00
White Plywood 6-25x1200x240mm long N1,400.00
White Plywood 12x125x1200x240mm long N1,200.00
Veneer Plywood (Mazonia) 18.75mm N4,000.00
Veneer Plywood (Mazonia) 6.25mm N2,000.00
White Improved Plywood ¼ N1,100.00
White Improved Plywood ½ N1,900.00
White Improved Plywood ¾ N3,100.00
White mahogany Veneer Plywood ¼ N1,500.00
White mahogany Veneer Plywood ½ N2,500.00
White mahogany Veneer Plywood ¾ N3,600.00
Parfide Board ¼ N800.00
Parfide Board ½ N1,200.00
Parfide Board ¾ N1,500.00


Mahogany (machine sawing) 1x12x12 N1,500.00
Mahogany (machine sawing) 2x12x12 N2,200.00
Mahogany (machine sawing) 2x6x12 N1,200.00
Mahogany (hand sawing) 2x12x12 1,700.00
Mahogany (hand sawing) 2x6x12 N1,000.00
Akala (machine sawing) 1x12x12 N1,500.00
Akala (machine sawing) 2x12x12 N2,300.00
Akala(machine sawing) 2x6x12 N1,200.00
Akala (hand sawing) 2x12x12 N1,900.00
Akala (hand sawing) 2x6x12 N900.00
Ayure (machine sawing) 1x12x12 N800.00
Hara (machine sawing) 1x12x12 N700.00

Soft Wood

Afara 50x150x3600mm long N850.00
Afara 50x 100x 3600mm long N650.00
Afara 50x75x3600mm long N500.00
Afara 50x50x3600mm long N450.00
Afara 25x 300x3600mm long N350.00


1” 50kg bag N5,500.00
½ 50kg bag N5,200.00
1” UK imported per bag N6,000.00
2” UK imported N5,000.00
3” UK imported N5,000.00
5” UK imported N4,200.00
Asbestos 4 feet x 4 feet N1,300.00


Eagle Paint White Emulsion 20 litres N4,600.00
Eagle Paint Colour Emulsion 20 litres N4,100.00
Eagle Paint Texcote Colour 20 litres N7,000.00
Texcote White 20 litres N7,3000.00
POP 20 litres
White Emulsion 4 litres N1,000.00
Colour Emulsion 4 litres N950.00

Plumbing  Materials

Pressure Pipe 4 N880.00
PVC Bend 4 N450.00/N120.00
PVC Tee 4 N500.00
Pressure Pipe 2 N150.00/N50.00
PVC Bend 2 200.00/N70.00
PVC Tee 3 N300.00/N70.00
PVC Plug 4 N50.00
PVC Plug 2 N40.00
PVC Plug 3 N40.00

Electrical Appliances

Amps socket 13 N430.00
Amps socket 15 N600.00
Amps Plug 13 N150.00
Gang Switch 1 N340.00
Gang Switch 2 N400.00
Gang Switch 3 N600.00
Pipe Bundle 20mm N3,600.00
Pipe Bundle 25mm N3,800.00
Fishing Tape 1 N300.00
Conduit Boxes N70.00
Coil 1.5mm Single k/m N4,300.00
Coil 4 mm Single k/m N9,00.00
Coil 16mm N15,000
Coil 1mm x 2 Nigeria N3,500.00
Coil 1.5mm x 3 Nigeria N8,800.00
Coil 2.5mm x 3 Nigeria N10,500.00
Coil 4 mm x 3 Nigeria N22,000.00
Bending Spring 20mm N350.00
Spring 25mm N350.00
Couple 20mm N700.00
M Bush 25mm N1,600.00
Switch Box 1 Pack. 3×3 N600.00
Switch Box 1 Pack. 3×6 N1,300.00
Earth Rod N1,700.00
Gum N1,600.00
Lamp Holder N70.00
Batten Holder N100.00
D8 TPN Board N20,000.00
D6 TPN Board N16,500.00
D4 TPN Board N14,000.00
D8 SPN Board N8,500.00
D6 SPN Board N7,500.00
D4 SPN Board N5,500.00

Bathroom and Toilet Materials

Jacuzzi Bath 180 x 150 N200,000.00
Jacuzzi Bath 130 x 130 N160,000.00
Shower Cubicle 90 x 90 N30,000.00
Shower Cubicle 80 x80 N30,000.00
Shower Cubicle 120  x 90 N50,000.00
Single Jacuzzi N160,000.00
Power Shower N15,000.00
Jacuzzi 120 x 180 N300,000.00
Stream Bath 150 x 150 N35,000.00
Bathroom Mirror N6,000.00
Twyford Complete set N30,000.00
WC with Seat Cover N7,000.00
Big Basin & Ped.with Tap N8,000.00
Bath with mixer White N14,000.00
Twyford Complete Set (colour) N37,000.00
WC with Seat cover (colour) N8,500.00


Soap Dish Towel Rail Toilet Tissue Holder Hooks Glass Shelf Cup Holder Towel Ring N17,000.00


Y25mm-ton N170,000.00
Y20mm-ton N170,000.00
Y16mm-ton N150,000.00
Y12mm-ton N150,000.00
Y10mm-ton N160,000.00

Roofing corrugated iron

Roofing Sheet  (20 pieces) bundle N12,000.00
Super light weight 31/2 x8 feet N1,550.00
Super light weight 31/2 x6 feet N1,300.00
Super light weight 21/2 x 6 feet N700.00
31/2 x 8 feet s.t N2,200.00
31/2 x 6 feet s.t. N1,950.00
Super light weight ridges N900.00
Super light weight 2 ½ ridges N600.00

Please note that this is only an estimate but very close or still the same with the price in the market. The price will also change depending on the following factors:

  1. Your location where you are buying those Building materials
  2. The current season: which means that weather also influence prices. I was able to understand that some building materials are cheaper during raining season.

If you have any contribution or you want to advertise or market your building materials here, use the comment box below. you can also upload pictures of those materials you want to show-case.


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