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Things To Check When Buying A New Smartphone

Before buying a new smartphone, there are things you need to check out for. This is what you will be learning in this lesson here. Buying a new phone is an investment. It shouldn’t be done in a hurry. You must take your time to check some certain things before you select that phone.

Selecting and buying a new smartphone shouldn’t be determined by the size and beauty of the phone. Yes, these are important, but they aren’t the most important determinants of what makes a good phone. So, if you want to buy a phone to will last for you, this guide for buying new phones will be very helpful to you.

Things To Check When Buying A New Smartphone

Below are the most important things you must check out for in the new phone you want to buy. Please, know that the basic requirements for each of these will be dependent on your usage and budget.

1. Check The Battery

What is the importance of having a phone which battery cannot last? One of the first things you should check is to know if the phone battery can last longer. Most phones often come with details of the battery written on the phone pack. If you are going to use the phone in line with many applications, then, you must have to ensure the battery capacity is high and can last long. If you intend to play high-definition games, please go for stronger batteries.

2. Memory

You must have known that phones come with two types of memory: RAM & ROM. RAM stands for Random Access Memory and ROM is Read-Only Memory. RAM size is basically vital in determining the speed of the phone. This is in conjunction with the phone processor. The ROM is the memory where all the apps and devices of the phone are stored in.

This simply means, the higher the RAM & ROM, the better the phone. This will affect the price as well. I’m sure you already know that. Depending on what you intend to use the phone for, buying a phone of 2GB RAM & 16GB ROM should be like a standard. If you intend to use it for higher and stronger duties, then you can go for higher.

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3. Camera

Hello people! Who doesn’t want to have a strong and very clear phone camera? You should consider the megapixels of the phone while buying. Common sense says that phone with higher megapixels should have a brighter camera. So, if you will be doing lots of shots with your phone, consider this as well.

4. Processor

There are different types of phone processors out there with each claiming to be better and faster. Well, this isn’t going to join the debate. However, you must note that the higher the processor of a phone, the faster the speed. The processor speed is often written in GHz (GigaHertz). So, when the GHz is higher, the speed will be higher. If you want to play games and run video editing, you should go for higher pieces of stuff.

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5. Operating System

Smartphones come with the Android Operating Systems and the iOS operating systems. The one you go for is totally dependent on your budget and preference.  iOS phones are basically Apple iPhones. However, the android operating system means different producers and manufacturers. Basically, this lies with what you want. None is better than the other. Each has its uniqueness.


If you are Buying A New Smartphone, then, the tips and checklist I have highlighted here should guide you. You may want to check some other things such as phone size and body makeup. However, these 5 tips here represent the most vital things you must check out.

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