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Paying bills has been worrisome but later be became cool to visit any bank to make the same electricity bill payment, now banks are also becoming crowded by the day. Now there’s a whole lot of online platforms and apps, including Bank apps that carry out the same electricity bill payment with ease.

Thus, we have more features, services, and tools that lack in them all, which has come with a new game-changer as regard to paying the electricity bills.

Of course, users would want to calculate how many Electricity units to get for the amount they plan to buy, to be reminded when to buy their next electricity, not all, but also get support at all times for any challenges reading purchasing electricity. Still not limited to what BuyPower offers.

About BuyPower

BuyPower is an online electricity bill payment platform that lets registered users pay for their electricity bills, from the comfort of their homes and offices, without having to go to any bank or PowerHolding company to queue.

It is one of the best platforms that has integrated simple process that comes with paying for utilities and has integrated tools and features; such as electricity calculator, payment multi-channels of payment, setting reminders, including 24/7 customer support.

How BuyPower Services Works

All the PowerHolding companies in Nigeria (listed below) provides services to them;

  • AEDC
  • Eedc
  • IE
  • JED
  • PHED

So it works like this; when you buy electricity through BuyPower (via App or website), now BuyPower remits to the particular service provider of your state and the token is generated to you-receipt are sent to email and SMS. This whole process happens within seconds.

Electricity Calculator: In the process of buying electricity, your Token unite is calculated for you to see what you’re buying. You have to input the amount (money) to display what the equivalent unite will be. And even after payment, the receipt is been sent to email and SMS. That is the reason Email and phone numbers are required in the process.

Meter Consumption History: Aside from the Token Unite Calculator which other financial apps like Baxi had integrated already, Meter consumption history is one key feature no other app or service has. monitors and keep the history of consumption-amount spent in each month, and how the purchases occurred.

Customer Care Service: They’re always available to help you out on any hassle of the way. You can always reach out via phone call (0908-749-3044) and email ( Unlike other supports, BuyPower ensures that your issues are resolved. Thus, OPay and Baxi and also another good support when it comes to this.

How to Buy Electricity on BuyPower

Electricity can be purchase through the BuyPower mobile app that is available on both android and iOS app stores, and through the website –

The concept of the BuyPower registration and BuyPower Login page is that the phone number is first requested, the system automatically knows (through the inputted phone number) if is a registered customer or not. If the customer is registered, the platform will further present a meter number, location, and password field, but if not registered – a registration form opens for the further registration process to start.

Buying through the website:

  1. Log on to the 👉👉👉 official Here
  2. From the homepage, enter your phone number to begin. Ensure the number is correctly inputted before clicking on “Buy electricity” button.
buypower website enter phone number-image
  1. You will have the option to ether login (if you already have any account, or to register (as a new member-so if you haven’t register for a BuyPower account here you can do so just by clicking on this link (to redirect you to the registeration page.

    Remember logging into your email account to reverify any email BuyPower may have sent, or/and use the code that will be sent to your phone via SMS to also verify your phone number.
  1. Enter your Meter number, select the region of your PowerHolding service provider, and enter the amount (money) you want to buy. Note that online accept a minimum amount of ₦200. Then click on “Contine to payment information”.
buypower amount-image
  1. Now, this is where you see the review of your order. You can confirm whether the information you entered was correct if not, simply navigate back to correvt them brofre paying.

    On this page you see if the meter account has an outstanding bill (including the amount if it asually does).

    Also, note that BuyPower, charges only N100 for their service charge when you buy directly from the company.
  2. Select any convinent way to pay for your electricity bill. BuyPower provides about 5-ways to pay. See those 5-methods here.

    Follwo every instuctions to complete your payment process.
  3. Once payment is made and confirmed, the token will display your transaction recipt, also it will be sent into your email and via SMS.


Learn more here on:

– How to Buy Electricity From Using any of the Payment methods

List of Mobile Wallet Apps that allows you Pay for Electricity Bill in Nigeria

Buying/Paying ELecrticity Bill via Mobile App:

  1. Navigate to your mobile app store and download the mobile app. Or simply click the link below (to doanload now) to avoid the mistake of downloading a wrong app.
  2. Launch the app, then enter phne number to start by clicking on “Continue to buy electricity”.

    Page will redirct to BuyPower registration page If is a new customer (or number), but if not Customer will get a “welcome back page” and a field to input (type in) password.

    However, there is always a register or/and login, and forget password button below the form.
  3. Click on “Buy Unit” or from the Menu icon (the three horizontal lines) and select “Buy Electricity”.
  4. Select your state (the location of the meter you’re buying unite for), enter meter number and enter amount.
  5. Confirm information from the “order summary” page, then click on “Pay” to proceed.
  6. Select any perment option and proceed with the payment. Your token Unit recipt will display on the screen, also always available on the “Order History” or “Transactions” page.

    Also, instantaniously, receipt will be sent to customer’s email addres and vis SMS.

Use the link below to download the app now.

Please note that the registration and downloading of the app are 100% free of charge.

Read More About:

– How to Become an accredited Merchant Here

– Download Merchant App & How to Create the Account Now! Charges

BuyPower doesn’t have hidden charges, like others which I’ve reviewed below. But first, note that Only N100 is charged for their service charge.

Then what happens if buying from Bank?

For instance; It might shock you to know today that most financial apps like OPay, and Banks like GTBank purchases electricity bill from BuyPower to supply their customers.

It doesn’t just end there. Setting up electricity bill payments from those financial apps (mobile wallets) and Banks, still maintains its N100 charges, while those mobile wallets and banks still collect their charges too.

For instant, I purchased a token Unite of N5,000, through my GTBank and at the end of the transaction only to notice that an additional N344.55 was deducted (by the bank) as a service charge.

Even after buying through those channels, BuyPower still delivers the receipt (token) to the client’s email address and via SMS showing the token, PLUS other charges. What does that tell you? It is better to head to and buy your electricity bills directly.

Download App

The app is available on both Android and iOS app stores. But in order to avoid downloading the wrong one, the link below has been provided. Please use the link below for your type of device and you’ll be redirected to app download page

We believe in the nearest future, BuyPower will be adding more services and features to keep them remaining the best and #1 outstanding electricity payment platform.

I believe that this page has provided a decent amount of information to enable you to get started with Today.

If you have any questions or contributions, kindly use the comment box below.

Also try to share this page on WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Let it go viral.

From now on, Enjoy the new most convenient way of buying electricity in Nigeria.


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