Can I get My NABTEB Original Certificate Online?

Every since NABTEB gained recognition, in the sense that all Institutions, and Military forces and Paramilitary forces accepts the use of NABTEB for Job application and to study in Nigeria, since them every one now see the importance of getting the NABTEB Original Certificate.

Some do not even know that they are suppose to collect a NABTEB Original Certificate, until their place of work ask for it, or untill they gain admission into the school.

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Few years back we posted on this page how to get the Original NABTEB certificate result and since then so may questions arises like some people ask:

  • Can I get My NABTEB Original Certificate Online?
  • When is the right time to collect my certificate?
  • Some ask, where do i go and collect my NABTEB certificate or result?
  • Is collection free and Do I need to pay and how much?

We have taken our time to answer all this questions, that is the reason, why you have to ready to the last of this page and if eventually you still have doubts or we did not answer your questions then you also have the opportunity to use our comment box below to ask your question(s).

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Lets start with the first question:

  • Can I get My NABTEB Original Certificate Online?

So far so good, the National Business And Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB) has really not ungraded to the level of printing Original NABTEB certificate result online. Just for the sake of those who may be confused between the Original NABTEB certificate result  and the NABTEB Statement of Result:

The Original NABTEB certificate result  is an  official classification awarded or a (paper) document serving as evidence or as written testimony, as of status, qualifications, privileges, or the truth that you participated in the Exam and you where able to pass the following courses (subjects).

While, the NABTEB Statement of Result is also a paper document (not an award, not a prove of qualification) which can be printed online, showing all the subjects you have enrolled, passed, credited, failed. This document you need a Pin and Serial number, Exam number and center number to get yours printed from the official website –

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  • When is the right time to collect my certificate?

After candidates has successfully written the exam, the step to take before thinking of certificate is to print out his/her statement of result online (through the website above), then after that that, that candidate will have to wait for 2 -4 years before the Original NABTEB certificate will then be available. This is also how it works in NECO, JAMB and WAEC.

Original certificate are printed few years after the examination.


  • Where do i go and collect my NABTEB certificate or result?

This is the question so many people are seeking for the answers, even you reading on this page right now will agree to that.

NABTEB cretificate can’t be printed online, rather is be presented in person(s). Meaning that you have to go for it. If after 2 – 4 years of your exam, the certificate should be ready. This is how to get it

  1. Go to the school where you wrote the exam for the certificate OR
  2. Go to NABTEB Zonal office of that state where you wrote the exam. Click here to see A-to-Z NABTEB office addresses in all States in Nigeria.
  3. The Final place you will go when you did not succeed getting it from the certer of state, then you have to visit the NABTEB Headoffice, click here to get address/location. It is a MOST that when you go to head office you will get your NABTEB Original Certificate.

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  • Is Collection of Certificate free and Do I need to pay and how much?

Collection of original certificate can not be free. So when goingin make sure to go with money just in case. Most especially when you are going to zonal or head office.



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