Can I Open Yahoo Account with Nigeria Number?

Creating Yahoo email account from a particular region has always been the same process, same requirement and the same form. But some things all that differ is the website languages, the country codes, phone number and website address. Generally, for English-speaking countries like Nigeria, Yahoo doesn’t have a special website address to sign-up yahoomail in Nigeria.

As some may be expecting to see something like or But there isn’t such as that and since Nigeria speaks and understand English the using any English yahoo registration page to sign up for a new account is 100% possible and free.

We have received series of questions like;

  • Can I open yahoo account with Nigeria number?
  • Where is Nigeria Yahoo email registration form
  • steps to create yahoo Nigeria+234 yahoo email account
  • how to create yahoo email Nigeria without a Phone number
  • how to create an email account with Nigerian code

and so on…

Although we have series of articles that have addressed the confusion. But still, you haven’t wasted your time landing on this page as we have expressly explained all and how you can open yahoo account with Nigeria number for free and fast using mobile phone or desktop. Never the less this page will guide you through and at the end of reading through this tutorial, you should have created your personal email account on with a Nigeria  Phone number – +234.

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Yahoo Mail Registration Form

All Yahoo email registration form requires the same details to process the account opening just as mentioned before. The website access the general yahoo mail registration form page is and on landing on the page you will be requested to fill in the box with;

Yahoo ng form 1

  • Your full name
  • the new email address you want to create
  • new password
  • your country code which is “+234 – Nigeria” (for the purpose of this page).
  • date of birth.

But in a situation where you already have an email from other free email services like Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, AOL mail, Yandex mail, and so on, then you may come across another slight change on the yahoo mail registration form to fill up. Then You should see a link positioned under ‘Email address box’ – the link that says; “I’d rather use my own email address

And this time you will be requested to provide your;

Yahoo ng form 1.1

  • Your full name
  • The current email address you own – could be Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Yandex mail, etc
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender – which is optional

Now you will realise that you are not asked to enter a phone number. Remember we made it clear earlier that the reason for the phone number is to retrieve your account whenever you misplace or forget your password. The phone number is one of the needed data to get your forgotten password back.

But you were not requested to enter phone number simply because that email you own and have used to register yahoo email has become an alternative email for you. As such will be used for account verification and getting back your password too.


How to Create Yahoo Account with Nigeria Number “+234”

How to create Email account with Nigeria Number is so simple, therefore you shouldn’t get confused.

  1. If you are creating A yahoo email account using a mobile phone or PC (not Yahoo App) visit or They are all English version of Yahoo Page.
  2. The link above is a Yahoo Login Page. But you want to create a new account, therefore you should click on a link below that says; “Don’t have an account? Sign UpCan I Open Yahoo Account with Nigeria Number? 1
  3. Now the main Yahoo account registration form should open right away at this point. Already you should know that your Full name, new email (you want to register) which also savers as your user ID on any other platforms own by Yahoo.Having known what to enter (your name, DOB, phone number, email, gender). This is where most of you get it wrong “The Phone umber” section.You want to open yahoo account with Nigeria number then tat means you have to Use the drop-down menu and scroll to letter “N” then you should see “Nigeria” with a country code “+234” select it. Once you have done this then you are creating a yahoo email account with Nigeria number.

    PLEASE NOTE: This option applies when you are creating a new Yahoo email account (NOT using your own email).

    See image below;

    Yahoo ng form nigeria number

  4. Click on “Continue” to move to the next level of this registration. By clicking the continue button, you agree with YAHOO terms and condition
  5. This page will be the “YAHOO VERIFICATION PAGE“.  But before the code is sent to you, You will be asked to confirm that the phone number or email you provided is correct before you proceed to request the Yahoo verification code.» If you have used a Nigeria Phone number to sign up – then a verification message will be sent to that phone number via an SMS. Already Yahoo provides you with a box to enter the code.» If you used your own email address (not creating new yahoo email) then the verification code will be sent to that email you used. You are also expected to use the code and verify your Yahoo registration.
  6. Once you have confirmed your Yahoo registration using the code provided to you, then Congratulations! because you have just succeeded in creating Yahoo email account with and without Nigerian Phone number.


Creating Yahoo Email Account Nigeria on Mobile Phone (Application)

If You are using a Yahoo Mail App then you have to first and foremost download the latest App on your mobile phone. The App is available for Android, Windows, iPhone, BlackBerry. And you can download the Yahoo App APK also. DOWNLOAD YAHOO MAIL APP HERE.

After downloading and installing the app, it comes this way (see image below);

Create Yahoo Account Using Mobile PhoneNow you want to create a new yahoo account, right? You have to click on the first icon “Yahoo Mail” to enable you to see the login form and a link below it (login form) to “Sign Up”.

From this point, other steps remain the same just as we have explained above.

We hope you understand every step explained on this page?

In case you have questions or challenges, free using the comment box below. We are here to attend to you. However, is a free community where people can as well help you out by providing solutions.

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