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How to Link NIN to Phone Number on MTN, Airtel and Glo Network

This page show you steps on link NIN to Phone Number on MTN, Airtel and Glo Network. Please note that you will be needing your National Identity Number (NIN). Simply check your NIN Slip to get the number or learn how to check it right away before you continue with the...

How to Check and Get Your NIN Online & via NIN USSD Code for Free

With the recent regulations of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), its now time to get your NIN without any stress or paying any fee. The payment of the fee isn't the main issue though, as the Government has already announced the cancellation of the fee to...

US Election Update: Check 2020 US Election Results Fast

This is a brife information page to show you how you can keep track of the US election update fast in many reliable ways, which has explained below. Tracking the US election update One of the ways is searching from Google.com Simply type the key keyword "us election...

Powerful Strategies of Managing Learning Difficulty in Students

In this article, we will be covering the following sub-topics on learning difficulty. WHAT IS LEARNING DIFFICULTY? The term learning difficulty is the hand grenade of education. It refers to a student who experiences difficulties in learning, inferring, questioning,...

Full List of Apps Ban by India Government Today

Is shocking to be the truth, but it actually turns out to be the fact that the Indian Government has banned 59 Chinese Mobile Applications, including the top social media platforms like TikTok, Helo and Wechat. Currently the USA government is also making the same move...

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