Ebola Outbreak

How is Ebola Virus transmitted – Ebola Transmission Process

A question very one should ask: How is Ebola Virus transmitted? You have to first understand that Ebola Virus is not like other ailments. Must people mistake [...]

US schools close in Ohio, Texas, over Ebola fears

Some schools in Ohio and Texas closed Thursday amid fears that students or staff had been exposed to a nurse who had Ebola infection during an airline flight. [...]

Ebola Outbreak: 70 percent of victims don’t survive

World Health Organisation (WHO) has analyse that the Ebola outbreak in West Africa kills seven out of 10 victims and new cases could hit 10,000 a week [...]

Ebola Virus in Spain

Spain has quarantined a total of four people in an attempt to prevent the spread of Ebola after a nurse became the first confirmed case of infection outside [...]

Ebola Virus: Nigeria, China sign N262m grant on Ebola

Ebola Virus
Ebola Virus News Updates - Nigeria and China have signed an agreement on grant assistance of Two Hundred and Sixty Two Million Naira worth of medical [...]

Ebola OutBreak: Number of people killed in African is above 3,000

Ebola outbreak in West Africa image
Ebola OutBreak Updates - World Health Organization (WHO) says that Ebola outbreak in West Africa has killed more than 3,000 people in 2014. [...]