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How To Create Facebook Watch Party From The Scratch

Create Facebook Watch Party
Facebook Watch Party is not an entirely new feature. It has been much around for some time now. However, this unique feature was only available to Facebook [...]

How To Back Up iPhone Without iTunes or iCloud

Back Up iPhone Without iTunes
One of the most important steps you can take on your iPhone is to always back up. There is no amount of time that we emphasize this that will be sufficient. [...]

Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts & Their Functions ( For PCs & Apple)

Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts
There are many advantages in using shortcuts when you are working with your computer or personal laptop. Some the advantages include that it can greatly [...]

How To Add Instagram Highlights Without Sharing Them As Stories

Add Instagram Highlights
Instagram stories is one of the best features you can use on Instagram. It allows you update your timeline but only for 24hrs. Instagram also has the story [...]

All Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys & Their Functions

Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys
Shortcut Keys are usually a combination of two or more keywords on the Keyboard to carry out a certain function. They are called short cut because they shorten [...]

Download YouTube Go For Android Free

Download YouTube Go For Android
You must have seen this app YouTube Go. Have you ever wondered what this app is? Well, from the name, you can deduce it is a YouTube app. But, is it different [...]
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