How to connect Candy Crusch Game with Facebook Account

How to connect Candy Crusch Game with Facebook Account 5
Candy Crusch Game is one interesting game and inspiring to play. When I have noting to do, i spend my time playing the Candy Crusch Game. It is very important [...]

Price of NEW Dell XPS 13 Laptop – (Non-Touch & Touch screen)

Price of NEW Dell XPS 13 Laptop
Dell is updating the XPS 13 with the new Windows 10 and 5th generation Intel Core i3, Core i5, and  Core i7 processors with improved battery life. The new [...]

Radio Biafra Channel back on the airwaves

The popularly known as Radio Biafra Channel which was reportedly  announced by the FG to have been jammed is back on the airwaves. The development is contrary [...]

How I scored 100/100 in Google PageSpeed Insights test

Google PageSpeed Insights test is a tool that helps Sits owners to know the area where they can optimize their web pages. To start with, Sits owners  has to [...]

Download Whatsapp for PC free |

download whatsapp for pc
How To Download Whatsapp for PC free Whatsapp in  resent time has become one of the most popular real time messenger used for mobile and PC. To crown it [...]

Free Google Wifi to go around Cities World wide

According to the information gathered from Bloomberg, Google has already set up a company that’ll handle the free Google Wi-Fi job in the Big Apple. Sidewalk [...]

Top 2 Best Methods to Download Videos Online

download video image tutorial
Most times you might have found important videos to download online but the way to do it becomes the problem. To download videos online has its pattern of [...]

Vehicle Tracking Devices (GPS): Types of GPS Tracking Devices

Image of Cellular tracking devices
Vehicle Tracking Devices (GPS also known as Global Positioning System) has become a very advanced technology. The main idea behind using this system is to find [...]
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