CeloMusic MP3 Music Download Free World Wide – www.celomusic.com Review

You are about to learn how millions of music lovers download their favourite fan’s songs online and for free. On this page, we are giving a FULL REVIEW about “celomusic.com” free music download website.

There are so many good mobile and PC apps, like BOOM Player, Deezer, etc… that allows you stream music online on your mobile phone and pc – but the limitations about them still remains that you have to commit your credit card in order to gain access to download the favourite songs of your favorite artist.  Which means you always will be online to play their songs.

But for so many reasons like “getting the latest songs of your artist, knowing what is trending about their current lifestyle, and all of this … make you wanna still remain using those apps.

Well, how long will you remain shocked, if you are told that with “WWW.CELOMUSIC.COM” you will also be among the first to;

1. get the latest songs of your favourite artist
2. freely download any songs with absolutely no limitations
3. get all kind of songs; hip up, blues, R&B, Rapping, old school music, etc from all artist around the world
4. You can as well stream this music before or/and while downloading them for free.

So now you know all this, its time to remove your credit card from any application you are using to access premium songs and start using CeloMusic MP3 Music Download portal. Then use those music apps to enjoy every song you downloaded for free.

This Page is fully to review every navigation on CeloMusic MP3 Music Download site

About CeloMusic MP3 Music Download Website


CeloMusic is a free MP3 (new and old) Music download website, without requesting to sign up or providing any kind of payment.

You don’t have to fill any form to sign up or any form of registration. Once you access the page you start straight away on what you want to do, which includes checking out latest songs, streaming songs, downloading songs, searching for any kind of songs from around the world.

The website www.CeloMusic.com contains songs of different categories such as;

  • Top 100 Artist Songs
  • Top Albums of the week, Month and year
  • Rock
  • Classic
  • Country songs
  • Instrumental
  • Jazz
  • Pop
  • R and B
  • Reggae
  • Alternative Rock
  • Hip-Hop
  • Blues
  • Latino
  • Christian and Gospel Songs
  • J-Pop
  • K-Po
  • SoundTracks
  • German Pop
  • Electronic
  • Dance
  • and more…

With this knowledge you now understand that CeloMusic gives you a FREE access to enjoy your moment with songs that matters in your life.

CeloMusic Music Categories and Page

The website is user-friendly and easy to understand kind of navigation. When you enter the site for the first time, what you see from the top is usually the categories – if you are using your desktop/Pc to access the website.

But when you are using your mobile phone, the categories will be hidden, yet accessible at your disposal.

The point is, from the list of music categories listed above, you should see that there are lots lots of it for you to leverage. That is why we have identified CeloMusic.com to be among the best websites to get your songs from free anytime and anywhere.

However, there are still more categories you may not see when you enter the page, you have to navigate to “More Genre” to see them. See image below to understand the User-Interface and navigation system.

Celomusic MP3 Song categories

You can see from the image above.

Clicking on any of these Celomusic MP3 Song categories will open its page where you see full information about the category of your interest.

This pattern helps you filter fast what kind of music you want. Take for instance, you want the “Country Songs” –  therefore, when you click on the category on the page, you see hundreds and thousands of the country songs you can select from and download or listen to them if you want.

Searching For Any Songs Using Artist Name or Song Title

The website has a simple and easy to use “Search-Bar” at the top of the page (after the listing of song categories).

Celomusic search bar

From the image above, you can see the “search box” where you either enter that name of the artist you want or use the song title of the artist if you know it well – to get the best of the result you want.

After you have inputted the word to search. click on “Search” button. And wait for the page to load out the options you are search for, then can continue with other actions you want to take, such as; download, play or see other album under the particular song you searched.

How to Download Celomusic MP3 Songs Online

It’s very simple!  But the navigation might be a little bit confusing. All you have to do is;

  1. select the song you love
  2. click on the song title
  3. then a new page opens for that particle song you love
  4. you can now click/tap on “Download”. If you want to listen to song online click on “Play”.
  5. follow other steps that comes after to save and start downloading the song(s).

This is the same process you will have to follow to download any musics you love to listen offline (without internet).

How To View Complete/Full Artist Album or Songs

This is why I said above that the navigation is simple but might be confusing as well. But if you have taken time to get to this point them you will be able to ROCK the site CELOMUSIC from hence fort because you understand where and how to navigate to the musics information you want.

Remember I told you above also that to see the right button to Play or Download song you have to click on “Song Title” when you log on to “www.celomusic.com“.

But now, you want to see the complete information –  that is full music album of your favorite artist. Its very simple too, follow the steps below;

  1. when you login to www.celomusic.com
  2. you should see list of latest songs.
  3. click on the “Artist Name” to see every latest and previous musics and album of the artist you clicked is name.
  4. from there you can select one after the other to list or download the song.

that is all…

See images below for example;

Celomusic single artist album

You can see from the image above, after clicking on the artist name (example Drake), then the next page you see is a full list of artist Album.

How to Play/Stream Musics on www.celomusic.com

  1. After you log on to the website
  2. search for the music or song you want to listen (maybe before download  or while downloading)
  3. click on the song title if you want to listen only the song you choose.

    But you can click on the Artist Name if you want to see the full list of the songs and albums.

  4. Click on “Play”
Celomusic paly button

Once you click on the Play button, the Celomusic Player began to play the song.

CeloMusic Online MP3 Music Player

CeloMusic MP3 Music Download Free World Wide - www.celomusic.com Review 1

As you select or downloading, you can as well enjoy yourself playing any songs of your choice while you keep doing what you are doing.

The CeloMusic Online Music Player has a play/stop/pause button, volume right forward and back ward button to enable you select what so ever music you want.

If you have been following this article up to this level, then you should be able to use the CeloMusic website for your enjoyment either via mobile phone or PC.\

Make sure searching this page so that others could understand how Celomusic.com works.

Use the comment section below, just in case yo have any question.

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