Cheapest Airtel Data Plans For Modem And Phone Browsing

One of the best thing that can happen to anyone is to have continuous access to the internet. This is possible with affordable data plans. This Cheapest Airtel Data Plans For Modem And Phone Browsing will ensure you never run out of data for your online activities. So, even if you need data for your modem or phone internet activities, then, this is just perfect for you.

Airtel Nigeria has many data plans you can subscribe for. You can choose special data plans, or you can choose daily data plans. They also have weekly and monthly plans. Also, you will have access to night data bundles plans. So, let’s take a look at the Cheapest Airtel Data Plans For Modem And Phone Browsing and see what is best for you. Shall we?

Cheapest Airtel Data Plans For Modem And Phone Browsing

Below are the full Airtel data plans for modem and phone browsing. read on.

Airtel Daily Data Bundles

50MB @ N100 24 Hours *410#
200MB @ 200 3 Days *412#
25MB @ 100 5 Days *401#

Airtel Weekly Data Bundles

750MB @ 500 2 Weeks *418#

Airtel Monthly Data Bundles

1.5GB @ 1,000 30 Days *496#
3.5GB @ 2,000 30 Days *437#
5GB @ 2,500 30 Days *437*1#
7GB @ 3,500 30 Days *438#
12GB @ 5,000 30 Days *452#
16GB @ 8,000 30 Days *460#

You should know that the cheap Airtel data bundles on our list will work on Android, iPhone, Laptops, Modems and any internet enabled device, same charges, and data provision applies to all devices.

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Airtel 1 Month Data Plan Review

Here we’ve given the best and cheapest Airtel internet package for Nigerians. So that no matter what the Data bundle you need, you will find the right one that is perfect for you.

1.5GB FOR N1,000

This is our budget choice for Users that want the cheapest Airtel 1 month data plan. For just N1,000 users will be credited with 1.5GB worth of data. Furthermore, the 1.5GB will work on smartphones, modems, and laptop for a whole month. To subscribe code for airtel bundle, Dial *496#

3.5GB FOR N2,000

Airtel really impressed users with 3GB @ N2,000 which is one of the best offers you can get from telecom networks in Nigeria. If you are willing to cough out some money, then you will have the chance to download songs, stream videos, play online games and much more. To opt-in to this plan, Dial *437#

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5GB FOR N2,500

This Airtel data plan is for the heavy internet users. At a very reasonable price at N2,500, you can get about 5GB worth of data for 30 days, which is quite decent compared to other telecom data offerings at the same price range. To subscribe, Dial *437*1#

7GB FOR N3,500

The 7GB monthly package is expensive, but it’s the best choice for daily internet users. With just N3,500 you can do just more than download songs, movies and games. Airtel Nigeria offers reasonable data at a decent rate which is valid for 30 days. To opt into this plan, Dial *438#

12GB FOR N5,000

There’s no reason this plan shouldn’t be yours if you are a heavy internet user. The special package is valid for 30 days. To subscribe, Dial *452#

24GB FOR N8,000

Tired of subscribing your phone every week, with just N8,000 you can take that pain away with an astounding 24GB, which means you will get 24GB @ N8,000 only. To subscribe, Simply Dial *460#.

Choose the best option for yourself and have fun online.

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