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How to Check 2016 US Election Results on Google Live

Following the recent updates during election day as Americans decide the next president and Senate, we know hoe important this day is to every one in world and right now you must be researching for the appropriate site or place to get the us election countdown.

Not forgetting that Google has already said that during and after the us election there will be an ongoing update on Google official search engine www.google.com. That is why on this page we want to show you how to Check 2016 US Election Results on Google Live via www.google.com search engine.

It really doesn’t matter if you are using a Mobile Phone or PC. All the same way to Check 2016 US Election Results on Google Live.

How to Check 2016 US Election Results on Google Live

Check the current update on us election countdown you are expected to use Google Chrome browser if you want to use this guide listed below:

  1. Lunch your Google Chrome browser
  2. Use the search box to search for “2016 US election results”¬† or this one I used “US Election Update“. Then you see full analysis of the 2016 us election update (like this image see below) snapshot of Check 2016 US Election Results

US Election Update


Now, like you see the image above, that is what you should see (if you use Google Chrome). And the good thing about checking the 2016 US Election Results on Google Live  Рit keeps on updating every seconds. So what ever result you see is live!



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