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The JAMB 2019 exams are currently ongoing. Very soon, the candidates will start asking how can i check 2019 Jamb result? Before it gets to that, we have decided to compile every detail you will need on how you can check your JAMB result online. So, read on and see your guidelines here.

It is important to note that you will not be needing a scratch card to check your Jamb result. All you need is your JAMB portal login details. Once you have that with you, you can go ahead and check your Jamb result online easily.

When Did JAMB 2019 Exam start?

The 2019 JAMB examinations started today, 11th April 2019. The examination will be in batches. As a result, the results will also come in batches. So, the people who wrote theirs today are expected to have their results ready between 1-3 days of writing the exams.

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The Joint Admission and Matriculation Examination Board (JAMB) have said that the results for the 2019 UTME are now ready and available online. The JAMB UTME Results has been sent to your email and mobile phone numbers used during registrations. Also, you can check your Jamb Score using your Jamb RegNo only.

Check 2019 Jamb Result

All you will need to check your JAMB result online is a mobile device (including your laptops or computers) and an internet connection. Then, you will also need your Jamb login details. Once these are ready, you can go on and check your result.

But before you proceed to check your Jamb Result, note that as of now, you are limited to only 5 TIMES of checking your result after which you will be asked to purchase Jamb e-facility card.

  1. Go to JAMB UTME e-Registration Portal here:
  2. When the page loads up, Login and click on the box”Check 2019 UTME Examination Results”
  3. Your score will be displayed on your computer screen or it will display “You Do Not Have Any Result Yet“.

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Below are the dates for the exams.

  1. 11th April UTME
  2. 12th April UTME
  3. 13th April UTME
  4. 14th April UTME
  5. 15th April UTME
  6. 16th April UTME
  7. 17th April UTME

Important Notice: Only Candidates, who have written their examination 1 to 3 days before are expected to see their results online but if you see the message “You Do Not Have Any Result Yet”, please keep checking every day.

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Items Prohibited By JAMB

1) Wrist Watches
2) Pen/Biros
3) Mobile phones or similar electronic devices
4) Spy reading glasses which should be scrutinised
5) Calculators or similar electronic devices
6) USB, CD, hard disks and or similar storage devices
7) Books or any reading/writing material.
8) Cameras
9) Recorders
10) Microphones
11) Ear pieces
12) Ink/pen readers
13) Smart lenses
14) Smart rings/ jewellery
15) Smart buttons
16) Bluetooth devices.
17) Automated Teller Machine (ATM) cards
18) Erasers

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