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How To Check BVN On Your Phone Fast – Get Your BVN In 10 Seconds

Checking your Bank Verification Number on your mobile phone is very easy. Infact, it is one of the easiest stuff you could do on your mobile phone. Okay, I know you find it very hard to do. You are not alone. That is why we are here: to bridge the gap of lack of information. So, sit tight as I show you How To Check BVN On Your Phone Fast. Are you good to go?

You see, it is annoying if you don’t know How To Check BVN On Your Phone Fast. Imagine going to the bank for a transaction and your BVN is required. Unfortunately, you don’t have it offhand. Although, one is expected to have this offhand, but, why worry when you can access it anytime and anywhere? Checking your BVN on your phone does not require a data connection. So, why worry? Let’s get it down immediately.

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How To Check BVN On Your Phone Fast

Look at the title again. It is easy and very easy to get your BVN in 10 seconds. It could be less than 10 seconds. How do you do it then? Here is it.

To check your bank verification Number on your phone,

  1. Dial *565*0# on your mobile phone.
  2. Your BVN will immediately appear on your phone.
  3. Please, ensure you dial the *565*0# using the phone number you used in opening your account. If you use a different number, it won’t show your BVN.
  4. Also note, this format can be used on your Glo, MTN, Etisalat & Airtel SIM cards.
  5. Finally, there is usually a deduction from your account balance. Make sure you have at least #20 in your phone. The charges could vary from bank to bank or from your network.

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Have you see it is easy to check your BVN on your phone? As said earlier, isn’t it easy to Get Your BVN In 10 Seconds? So, let’s hear your comment on How To Check BVN On Your Phone Fast. Thank you.

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