How to Check FUTO 2015/2016 Post UTME Results Online

How to Check FUTO 2015/2016 Post UTME Results Online

How to Check FUTO 2015/2016 Post UTME Results Online

We want to use this opportunity to inform all candidates who chose FUTO as choice university and as well participated in the post utme exam which started on August 10 and ended August 14th, 2015,  to Check FUTO 2015/2016 Post UTME Results Online now. The school management has just released the Post UTME Results for all student to check freely.

The FUTO 2015/2016 Post UTME Result is accessible online using their email address and password which they have created during the registration of the screening.

Guidelines on How to Check FUTO 2015/2016 Post UTME Results Online

What you need to check your 2015/2016 post UTME result online:

  • Email address and
  • Password

here is the step to check your 2015/2016 FUTO Post UTME Results

  1. Visit FUTO official website on: or CLICK HERE to check result at once
  2. Enter your email address and password corrently
  3. Click the login button

You can either use your mobile or compuet to check your results. But if you most print out your result then you have to use computer to check your FUTO 2015/2016 Post UTME Results Online.

If you face any difficulties, kindly use the comment box below to inform us.

Good Luck.


40 responses to “How to Check FUTO 2015/2016 Post UTME Results Online”

  1. orji victor

    i cannot check my reault,when i want to check my result i will see something like food items i do not understand what that is all about

  2. mbudinma samuel

    i am unable to login with my brings out reputar chosin street signs,

    1. onlinedailys

      Pls check your login details and try again

  3. Priscillia oreva Akpofure

    i forgot the email address i used in futo portal. pls help me

    1. onlinedailys

      You shouldn’t have done that. But you have to go to the school admission unit to report your mistake and they will take it from there.

  4. Niscolinx

    Please when i wanted to check my result it says invalid reg no and when i inserted my app no it said it doesn’t belong to me, please am confused because am quite sure that’s my email i used in registration and nobody tampered with it. Help me please

    1. onlinedailys

      send me your login details, so i can check for you

      1. Niscolinx

        My reg no 56753169DE
        My app no Futo/PU/2015/16306

      2. chiboy

        i cant see my result help pls

        1. onlinedailys

          What was the message error??

  5. nze benedict

    Sir please me i forgot my password how can I see my result should I come to school ict? Please help me i need to see my result even if is 170 or 200

    1. onlinedailys

      OK. Now your case is little, so all u should do is goto school ICT so that they can check if for you. But while explaining to them that you lose your password, pls be polite about it so that they can help you out.

  6. Prince

    How can the problem candidates check there own results please

    1. onlinedailys

      Use the steps I have showed you above. But if you still can’t check the result, go to ICT in said the school to do so

      1. Prince

        Please which step is that??

  7. Prince

    Please how can the problem candidates check their own results?

    1. onlinedailys

      yes of cos. Checking results is free so you should do that.

  8. Richmond

    I check my result and I find out that some of my bio data have change…please what will I do? help

    1. onlinedailys

      Where you able to check your result??? Or are you trying to say that when checking your result it wasn’t your data you saw or come of your data were missing???

  9. stephen

    i cant see my result whenever i check it tells me POST UTME RESULT CHECKING 20 without showing my name and details

  10. Okeoma

    Forgot my password,and i live very far from futo,what should i do,can i use my app no

    1. onlinedailys

      That is not an issue, send your email, phone no and jamb reg no

  11. Emmahpius

    pls i cant check my result….the login page keeps reloading…..pls help

  12. emmah

    pls sir i cant check my result….the login page keeps refusing to load…pls help

  13. Joseph ugo

    I tried to check my futo post UTME but they were telling me that my email was not valid. So I went to futo ICT they said that problem candidates should relax. Please any time you hear that problem candidates’ results have been made ready let me know

  14. ihezue chibueze

    I can access my futo account but when I click on result it will only show space for name and result checking but my result won’t show here is my details password is Password1

  15. Iboko Benedict .I.

    What about problem canditates, how can they access their email and password

  16. Eze joel

    I tried checking my result but each time i try, it keeps telling me,the details entered does not belong to u. pls help me.

    1. onlinedailys

      The school management has noted that error. They are working on it. SO it will be ok soon. But if you are close to the school, then you can still go there to confirm

  17. eze chizuruoke gerald

    Please I try checking mine but it keeps on writing invalid for me please what should I do

  18. sunday chidiebere

    Pls my brother forgot his password and live far from school. What can I do

    1. onlinedailys

      If you have forgotten your password. Then you will have to go down to school and get password and result.

    2. onlinedailys

      If you have forgotten your password. Then you will have to go down to school and get password.

  19. Deby

    am among d problem candidate, the 1st time i login it upload invalid reg no and d 2nd time is ur result has not been uploaded in the system. So pls i need ur help on this

  20. Victor

    Please sir..,my result page is showing no result for this reg nos.n all my details are complete and i can even view my submitted utme form which has d same nos with d one i input..that shows no result. Please wat cul be d problem?,kindly help please.thanks

  21. Deby

    pls sir wat am i to do on this, each tym i login it tells me invalid reg no

  22. ebukaobom

    my result keep showing no result for this reg number any solution to this

    1. onlinedailys

      all you should do now is go to the school and it will be solve.

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