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How To Check Genuine Number Plates In Nigeria

Only few cars do not have number plate. The rest have number plates. Surprisingly, many of these number plates you see are not genuine. You may begin to wonder how one can now know which plate numbers are genuine or not. Don’t worry. We will show you How To Check Genuine Number Plates In Nigeria so you will easily check numbers that are real.

Knowing How To Check Genuine Number Plates In Nigeria is very essential. These days, may people are stopped on the way for many reasons including driving a car with fake plate number. Given the increase in scam and fake around the world at large, knowing this will be very helpful to you as an individual.

How To Check Genuine Number Plates In Nigeria

Since you are ready and willing to know this very important information, we have to give it to you. There are two major ways of checking this.

  1. You can check online through the dedicated Federal Road Safety Website, or
  2. By text message.


  1. Log on to www.nvisng.org
  2. Click on “Verify Number Plate” at the top right hand corner of the home pageHow To Check Genuine Number Plates In Nigeria
  3. Input/supply your “New Number Plate” registration number in the space provided
  4. Click on “Verify” button.

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Send the Number Plate in the following format” verifyplateno the number plate” to 33324. For example “verifyplateno  ABC123AA” to 33324


  • There is no space between “verifyplateno”
  • There is space between verifyplateno and the registration number
  • Also, there is no space between the number “ABC123AA”
  • The check is for only New Number Plate

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Do not allow anybody deceive you. It’s very vital you know How To Check Genuine Number Plates In Nigeria. Since we have shown you the easy way to do so, why not share this to help others too? Furthermore, if you have any question to ask, we will gladly attend to them.

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