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Have you participated in the JAMB Mock exam and wanting to know how to check your performance? Then you have landed on the right page to show you steps to follow to check your jamb mock result online with your mobile phone or PC.  But before we start, it is important to know that check this result is free. Although JAMB officially sends your scores (performance) to your email or send an SMS.

It is really not good to see may students skip to participate on the mock exam. But the important of the exam brings success to all that participate. Do you know why? This is because;

  • mock exam gives you full insight of what you should be expecting in the next (main) exam
  • shows you syllabus you have to cover. see jamb syllabus here
  • proves to you how prepared you are for the exam
  • makes you get familiar with using computer
  • MOST of it is time keeping – this has been a big problem to many, at the end of exam they end up not finishing well – due to lack of speed and familiarity with using computer and questions.

However, if you have come to this page o help someone Check JAMB Mock Result Online, please ensure to always give them the advise to never neglect JAMB mock exam, even when it’s not a MUST-DO affair. But it is necessary.


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Complete Guide on How to Check JAMB Mock Result Online

  1. Visit
  2. The link above should land you on JAMB login page where you have to enter your Email address and password
  3. Then click Login
  4. Click on “Check JAMB Mock Result”
  5. Then wait for the notification to display your JAMB Mock Score

Note: In a situation where your result is yet to be released, then you should see “You do not have any result Yet”. Which means that you have to check back using the above step to see your score.

You can as well use your mobile phone, tablet or PC to check your JAMB Mock result .

I hope the information on this page was useful to you?


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