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How to Check Nigeria Police Recruitment List Online

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Every process, be it exam, recruitment test, interview, etc… has  procedures to check your performance, as long as the platform in question an online registration and checking list online. Moreover, nowadays every recruitment sector has gone digital. Meaning that you have to register and check your performance online.

That is why on this page you will be learning how to check Nigeria Police Recruitment list Online. We found out that most applicants find it difficult to know which web site is the right one to check Nigeria Police recruitment online. All will be address here. Just read down and follow the procedures.

To enlighten you more, you need to know that the official website where news about Nigeria Police Force Recruitment is been announce is on www.npf.gov.ng.

You can always access the site to get your information for free. As a matter of fact the Nigeria Police Force portal can be access using your mobile phone, tablets, and computer. So where ever you may be, as long as you have an internet connection in your devices then you can get the information you need from the NP website (www.npf.gov.ng).

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Now Here are Steps on How to Check Nigeria Police Recruitment List Online

  1. visit www.npf.gov.ng (with phone, tablet or pc)
  2. on the right-side of the site you will see a “Quick Links”, showing you list of services you can access on the page right now.
  3. then click on “Police Recruitment” link. This will take you to the page where you will check for the latest Nigeria Police successful candidate list
  4. now when the portal opens it is either you will be required to provide your NP registration number to know whether you where successful (just like Nigerian Army does) OR a PDF format page will open – showing all the names of successful candidates for that year (just like NDA does)

But sometimes its also important to pay more attention for the release of news on the portal to check for names.

Please do not pay any money to any person all in the name of helping you or to upgrade you. Any one who may ask you for money is a fraudster – that person need need to be arrested.

Buy the Nigeria Police Recruitment form at the right place and do the registration correctly. Also attend the screening, then wait for your name to be shotlisted…. this is how it works.


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