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How To Check NYSC 2017 Batch B Senate List

After much delay, the NYSC 2017 Batch B senate list has been uploaded online. students and Prospective corps members can now go online and check their names in the sneate list. We are here to teach you How To Check NYSC 2017 Batch B Senate List so you can also check your name easily. Follow the guides we have outline here and you will be able to check your name online.Following the steps on How To Check NYSC 2017 Batch B Senate List will ensure you are not mistaken. If you are mobilized already and you are preparing for service, we have something for you. You can decide to read how to make the most of your NYSC year. Also, you can decide to check all the necessary requirements for camping. This will ensure you prepare yourself before going to serve your fatherland.

How To Check NYSC 2017 Batch B Senate List

Here is the guide for you to check if you are mobilised for service.

  • Log onto the website NYSC Portal.
  • Once opened, scroll down. Click on “Check Senate List or its equivalents.How To Check NYSC 2017 Batch B Senate List
  • Another page will open. Once opened, fill in the following required information:How To Check NYSC 2017 Batch B Senate List
  • Select Institution (Choose your school of graduation.
  • Matriculation number (Your school registration number).
  • Surname
  • Finally, date of birth stating from the Day, month and year.
  • Once done, click on Search.
  • If your name is among, it will upload. If not, it will notify you also.

After The Name What Next?

If your name is online, you will be notified. However, know that the states have not been allocated yet. The next thing is to do online registration. You can read about the 2017 Batch B online registration Timetable here to be properly guided. So, when the names are out and online registration starts, you can approach any cybercafé that has bio-metric capturing machine for your online registration.

Congratulations and good luck.


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